Tricked by Pokémon Go, Bush Family visits GOP Convention

Stunning the Republican National Convention, former presidents George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush accidentally appeared on stage today while trying to capture a Pokémon Go character.

So engrossed in their smart phone game, the Bushes didn’t even notice the Cleveland crowd until 10 seconds into the standing ovation. Only after tossing enough Poké balls to capture a strange orange Pokémon character digitally perched on Trump’s head, did the 41st and 43rd American presidents look up and awkwardly nod.

“It was amazing. The last time I sobbed this many tears of joy Paula Deen posed for a selfie with me at a Krispy Kreme,” said Jasper Whitester, club secretary for the Poorly Educated for Trump chapter in Pidcoke, Texas. “I mean, to have two presidents from a totally different party honor Trump like this is surely one for the Texas textbooks.”

Widely credited with engineering the moment was Trump’s son Eric, affectionately known in the family as “Fredo.” It’s believed Eric hired a 14-year-old in Sunnyvale, Calif, to create the orange Comboveratta character and then hack it into the Pokémon app’s code.

The Bushes’ cameo served as special vindication for Eric. For some time, he’s complained about feeling minimized as a key family advisor.

But that all changed when the Bushes appeared on stage. Moments after, Eric was seen yelling at his 10-year-old brother Barron: “See, I can handle things. I’m smart! Not like everybody says! I’m smart, and I want respect!”

Several hours later, Jeb! Bush also accidentally appeared on stage, but it was hours after the cameras had turned off.

Said Jeb!: “Sure I play Pokémon Go. I’m not quite as passionate about it as my brother and father. For them it’s this win-at-all-cost thing, and if I finish second or third, whatever. I sleep well knowing I’m still my mother’s favorite.”

SkitSketchJeff is Jeff Burdick, who hears any Hillary Clinton running mate must add “Rodham” to their last name.

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