CEO Compensation: 10 Habits of Highly Overpaid Individuals

With vacation-house season now in full key-party swing, The New York Times has published its annual list of best compensated CEOs in America.The good news: the median compensation of the 200 richest CEOs leaped by 16% in 2012 to reach $16 million. This means the recession is officially over for high-end divorce attorneys, with more CEOs now able to afford that third wife instead of just “renting” a mistress or two on the side.

But what separates an average $16 million CEO from an average $45,000 per year worker? Aside from freedom from TSA security lines, never personally parallel parking the limo and outsourcing shark tank cleanings? An examination of the 10 most compensated CEOs in America offers many insights, including the following 10 traits that mark the real difference between the extra ordinary and the extraordinary, the futile and the feudal.

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