FluffingtonPost’s 100th Blog: It’s all about me

Today marks a double milestone for The FluffingtonPost: both my 100th humor blog and 1-year anniversary since joining ChicagoNow.com. So in the tradition of any long-running sitcom, I’ll disappoint my biggest fans by mailing it in with one of those hated “highlight reels.” But since some say their favorite part of The FluffingtonPost is the ever-changing “writer’s bio” at the end of each post, here are 10 of my favorites about… of course… me.

So, as they say in the funny pages, “SkitSketchJeff is Jeff Burdick, who…

“… is a former journalist who covered the Scopes Mouthwash Trials in the 1990s.”
               — from “5 Jokes for our Maiden(form) Voyage
                    (inaugural ChicagoNow blog on June 21, 2012)

“… believes in a past life he was probably an immortal like Thor. Either that or a prehistoric fancy fish with fangs.”
               — from “5 Jokes: This Life and Last

“… recently learned there’s a difference between ‘going on the lam’ and ordering ‘gyros to go.’ ”
               — from “Rahm returns from mountaintop with no commandments

“… last Halloween went as a ‘sexy sitting president.’ And, yes, lugging a chair around in a bikini makes for a long, cold night.”
               — from “Trick-or-Treat: 10 Great Presidential Campaign Pranks

“… enjoys giving directions to Chicago tourists using only the brown honorary street signs.
               — from “Will a Chicago casino be Rahm Emanuel’s Obamacare?

“… recently placed his old altar-boy pageant sashes on eBay.
               — from “Top 10 real reasons Pope Benedict XVI resigned

“… finds Chicken Soup for the Soul a bit too brothy – especially when a good Crab Bisque for the Brain is on the menu.
               — from “Ten Best Brutally Honest Inspirational Quotes Ever

“… wonders why piano evolution didn’t naturally stop with the Spinet upright.
               — from “Baby On Boarding: Raising Arizona Kids in 10 Easy Steps

“… loved when face tattoos were just a fun way to prank friends who blacked-out at parties.”
               — from “Public Speaking 101: How to Enumerate Things

“… is seldom imitated but often replaced.
               — from “Will Ryder Cup choke mean rebirth of Occupy Wall Street?

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