Will Chanel give men a Brad Pitt scent of their own?

Three weeks after its debut, Brad Pitt’s Chanel No. 5 commercial has caused quite a stir. More than 5 million views on YouTube. A couple SNL lampoons. Spoken-word poets taking vows of silence. Some women confused if Chanel’s attractive new female spokesperson is just in need of some electrolysis.

But whether you say the ad is serendipitous genius or worse than an amateur audition monologue that only a cougar could love, surely a Brad Pitt scent for men can’t be far behind. With this in mind, the FluffingtonPost copywriters offer 10 possible names for the cologne:

10.) POT-pourri

9.) Your wife is thinking of someone else

8.) Homo, erectus

7.) Brad’s pitt (de toilette)

6.) Ocean’s No. 2

5.) Poussie Whipp’t

4.) Ambiguéy

3.) Um, yeah. Us.

2.) Brad-alicous, for men

1.) Forever Jen-gelina

SkitSketchJeff is Jeff Burdick, who thinks David Petraeus’ biography All In is the worst hindsight book title since Jerry Sandusky’s Touched

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