The Mountain Takes Focus and Effort

Last week I went to Breckenridge with some friends to go snowboarding.  I have noticed each year all of us have gotten better and better.  Haha, I still have trouble on the t-bar lift and an occasional embarrassing slip here and there, but I am accepting my improvements and working on my faults : ).

This was our 4th year going.  The first year I was gracefully falling down the green and occasional blue slopes.  This year it was blues and black diamonds and it felt amazing but it truthfully took a lot of self-talking and a bit of peer-pressure to get me to enjoy the black diamonds.

On the Breckenridge trip, I found myself  hesitant and undecided a lot (especially on the first day) as I prepared myself to take the plunge down the mountain slope.  Everytime I was unsure about something on the slopes, I hesitated, lost focus, and took an amazing wipe-out.  It wasn’t until the 2nd day of the trip when I caught myself hesitating and holding back from what I can really accomplish.  From that point, I remembered this one speech I gave an athlete that I trained right before he went to play college football.

“When you enter the studio, expect 100% from me and I expect 100% from you.  Every rep is an opportunity to get better.  I don’t believe that you have to give a 110% effort (I don’t know what it is).  I believe that whatever your 100% is, GIVE IT!  100% focus means being receptive to coaching and paying attention to detail (so correcting your form when it lacks and concentrating on the matter at task).  100% effort is all about keeping the tempo and energy up (always eager to finish a challenge and start another).  With that said, I am not a drill sergeant beating you down but a motivator to encourage you to commit to your next challenge. 100% focus and 100% effort is what makes you.”

Let me tell you, that speech I gave to that athlete a few years ago, totally came into play the 2nd day on my snowboarding trip.  I got rid of all hesitation, I gave my 100% effort, and I totally rocked the black diamonds with confidence for the first time!


Whatever your 100% is, GIVE IT!

This is what “MAKES YOU”.

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