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Sexy Fitness Fun

Let’s face it, a big reason that LOTS of people want to exercise is so that they will look good.  Of course, the main reason we should all be doing it is for taking care of ourselves from the inside out, but it also feels good to look good.  There are many ways to get... Read more »

Win Cash And Prizes Just For Working Out!

I just learned about this today, and I wish I’d told you about it 9 days ago so that you could’ve taken full advantage… but late is better than never! Team Beachbody is giving away $600 cash each day for logging workouts at their WOWY (Work Out With You) gym.  You can join Team Beachbody... Read more »

The Benefits Of Stretching

Are you one of those people who always skips stretching… or maybe you don’t stretch enough?  If you want to age gracefully and lower your risk of injury, stretching is essential!  Hear it here from the 50 year old creator of P90X… he’s in the shape he’s in today because he’s kept his body young... Read more »