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Step by Step

… and I’m not talking a New Kids on the Block song, here. I posted last week about a weekly challenge I was giving myself, and I said I would check in with you all this week to let you know how it went. Well, I will say that when I set the goals it... Read more »

Fitness For Life! Tony Horton: When I'm 85

Wow, I’ve been without my computer for some time now, which is why there’s been a lack of posts.  I hope that ya’ll are still out there and waiting for a blog!I wanted to share a blog by one of my fitness idols, Tony Horton, today.  He says this better than I ever could!  I’m... Read more »

Fitness At Home <3's PILATES

This morning I subbed for a mat pilates class at LA Fitness and I rediscovered how much I absolutely LOVE pilates.  The main focus on Pilates is on the CORE (front, back and sides), but it will also really work the upper body and legs, all while giving you a GREAT stretch! I admit, Pilates... Read more »