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Top Fitness Gifts For Beginners And Advocates This Christmas

FitBit Fitness Tracking Device.
There are lots of calorie counting devices out there, but this one seems to be the easiest to use at the best price.  I haven't tried it, myself, but I've tried others.  My friend, who uses this device, says it's great because it's tiny, it syncs with devices great (and with, it's accurate, it has a great social function, and so much more. I'm thinking I may have to get one for myself (because I've been underwhelmed by the BodyBugg, BodyMedia, and Nike Fuel Band options).
(you can read my friend's full review of this device here:
Fitness is a touchy subject when it comes to giving people gifts, as you don’t want to risk offending someone or getting someone something that they didn’t ask for.  That being said, before I get into my gift suggestions, I want to give you some tips for when it comes to buying fitness related gifts... Read more »

Black Friday Through Cyber Monday Fitness Deals From Beachbody

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are huge shopping days for people to find special deals, so I couldn’t pass up the chance to make sure you knew about these specials. It’s not often that Beachbody programs go on sale for this much, and they’ve given me the chance to offer these special prices to you,... Read more »

Hey, Ladies, Worried About Bulk? Time For Some Myth Busters!

Hey, Ladies, Worried About Bulk? Time For Some Myth Busters!
It’s time to put down the baby rattles (what I like to call those puny little weights) and actually challenge your body.  Worried about bulk!?  Worry not!  I can tell you that I constantly challenge myself to lift heavier, and the heavier I am lifting, the more definition and shape my body is getting.  I... Read more »

Exercise? But... but... I don't wanna!

Exercise?  But... but... I don't wanna!
Do you find yourself thinking that phrase in your mind over and over again when the time comes to suit up in your exercise gear and actually get your workout in?  Well, you’re not alone.  I’ve been heavily into fitness since 2004, and now fitness is my career, and there are still many days when... Read more »

Do You Track Your Workouts For Results? Stop Wasting Your Time...

… and by “stop wasting your time,” I mean that you are wasting your time if you aren’t tracking your progress and results. All too often I see people going to a gym, or doing a home workout, and just throwing their bodies around not really knowing what they did, what weight they were really... Read more »

6 Moves to Get a Better Butt

Hi-ho, I’m back!  After a crazy busy summer, I’ve made it my MISSION to be back and offer lots of great fitness tips and advice to help you through these gloomy months of winter (when, lets face it, how often do you really want to drive or walk to the gym?)! Are you like me... Read more »

Kia Kaha. Be Strong. Lessons I Learned That Can Be Applied For Success!

Kia Kaha.  Be Strong. Lessons I Learned That Can Be Applied For Success!
This past weekend I attended the certification for Body Pump.  I’ve gone through plenty of certifications, but I think this one is actually the hardest one I’ve ever done… for a number of reasons.  However, I learned and re-learned quite a few lessons and I want to take a moment to share my experience with... Read more »

Love The Journey, My San Diego Comic Con Epiphany

What is this?  Another blog where Melanie interlinks fitness with nerdy stuff?  Well, you should’ve seen it coming by now… but, anyways… I started by recording a video, which I am posting at the bottom of this blog, but I blather so much when talking (and turn into that YouTube girl who really loves cats... Read more »

Les Mills Is Here to PUMP *clap* You Up!!!

Les Mills Is Here to PUMP *clap* You Up!!!
I couldn’t resist the urge to make an ol’ reference to Hanz & Franz (old SNL sketch, if you are unawares)… In all seriousness.  I’m sure that many people have heard of Les Mills, if not, then now’s the time to learn!  To just steal a simple biography from Wikipedia, “Leslie (‘Les’) Roy Mills (born... Read more »

My New Love Affair With Vegetables... Discovering An Alkaline Body

My New Love Affair With Vegetables... Discovering An Alkaline Body
I admit, though being quite the healthy person, I was never really that great at eating my vegetables.  Most people aren’t, in fact.  We spend time replacing meals with “meal replacement bars” (or other goodies) that are full of all sorts of processed badness, yet they are marketed as being good for you.  Bah! If... Read more »