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Create a Fitness Dream Board For Success!

So, it’s the New Year, and perhaps you’ve started your journey towards a NEW YOU?  If the answer is YES I HAVE, then this activity could be something FUN for you to do.  It’ll also give you a visual goal to keep in front of your face at all times, reminding you of what you... Read more »

My New Love Affair With Vegetables... Discovering An Alkaline Body

My New Love Affair With Vegetables... Discovering An Alkaline Body
I admit, though being quite the healthy person, I was never really that great at eating my vegetables.  Most people aren’t, in fact.  We spend time replacing meals with “meal replacement bars” (or other goodies) that are full of all sorts of processed badness, yet they are marketed as being good for you.  Bah! If... Read more »

Love YOURSELF on Valentine's Day

Love YOURSELF on Valentine's Day
Valentine’s Day is often viewed as a day when you are supposed to/required to buy your loved one flowers, candy, dinner, etc.  Then, all the single people huff and puff about being single (I’m single, I can say that, right?).  Well, I think that’s silly!  I view Valentine’s Day as just a day of love,... Read more »

Free Health and Wellness Seminar en Español!

If you live in Chicago, or the surrounding areas, and you speak Spanish I want to make sure you know about an event happening on July 14th.  Jael Weber, from Beachbody, will be in Berwyn, IL leading a health and wellness seminar in Spanish (there will be an English translator present).  This event will be... Read more »

The Fitness At Home Great "Like" Giveaway!

Facebook is a great way to reach more people more often, so I’m working on connecting with even more people through my “like” page.  In order to do this, I’m giving away prizes for “likes”!  Yep, you can win some pretty cool stuff simply for liking my page and suggesting to friends!  What are the... Read more »

Fear Is Choice. Are You Going To Give In?

Hello, ChicagoNow!  It’s been a while, I know.  Life has been keeping me quite busy, but I wanted to stop by to share a story with you that contains stuff you can apply to your fitness and weight loss journeys. I want to talk about fear and choice.  You know that being afraid of something... Read more »

Create More Happiness In Your Life

Happiness is something that many people have, but also something that many more people long for.  Too much in life we focus on the negative, and it’s by choice, believe it or not!  I was reading an article in SUCCESS Magazine called “Choosing Happy,” because the article really embraced some of my own discoveries of... Read more »

A Magic Pill For A Healthy You?

What if a pill existed that could help you… 1.) Live longer2.) Boost Your Immunity3.) Burn Fat4.) Increase Your Self Esteem5.) Protect Against Arthritis 6.) Improve Your Sex Life7.) Protect Against Parkinson’s8.) Lower Your Risk Of Stroke9.) Reduce Your Risk Of Cancer10.) Strengthen Your Bones11.) Strengthen Your Heart12.) Combat Dyslexia13.) Reverse The Signs Of Aging14.)... Read more »

Black Friday Fitness Deals

Tomorrow is Black Friday… which means that almost everywhere you shop is going to have some mega sales.  A lot of people focus on electronics, but I want to show you about some FITNESS deals that will be happening tomorrow! Throughout the day today, I’ll be posting my finds on my Twitter account at www.twitter.com/turbomelanieb,... Read more »

Get Your Kids To Enjoy Fitness With MIGHTY ME

I was directed to this website by none other than Tony Horton (creator of P90X).  Have you heard of MIGHTY ME?  I think it’s a BRILLIANT idea!  If you’ve been reading my blog, you’ve seen past posts about fitness/nutrition and children.  I think it’s extremely important to start teaching our kids about the importance of... Read more »