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Was Making a New Year's Resolution a Waste of Time?

Was Making a New Year's Resolution a Waste of Time?
A lot of people start the beginning of every year making a bunch of empty promises to themselves, but it doesn’t have to be that way.  Is the concept of making a New Year’s Resolution a great idea that everyone should embrace, or is it just another fad that we do because society tells us... Read more »

Exercise? But... but... I don't wanna!

Exercise?  But... but... I don't wanna!
Do you find yourself thinking that phrase in your mind over and over again when the time comes to suit up in your exercise gear and actually get your workout in?  Well, you’re not alone.  I’ve been heavily into fitness since 2004, and now fitness is my career, and there are still many days when... Read more »

Do You Track Your Workouts For Results? Stop Wasting Your Time...

… and by “stop wasting your time,” I mean that you are wasting your time if you aren’t tracking your progress and results. All too often I see people going to a gym, or doing a home workout, and just throwing their bodies around not really knowing what they did, what weight they were really... Read more »

Piercing The Darkness... With Positive Motivation!

Today there is an e-event taking place today called “Piercing The Darkness”. The basis behind this event is that you will leave positive affirmation notes in random places for people to find and, hopefully, brighten their day. I decided to take this day to post messages at the gyms where I work… providing motivation for... Read more »

New Year's Resolutions... What's Yours? Get Specific!

It’s about this time of year that people start thinking RESOLUTIONS, because we are elbow deep in Holiday treats and, for many, a little extra padding.  I admit that I fall into the trap as well as I just can’t pass up a tasty home made Christmas cookie (or wine, let’s face it).  So, I’ve... Read more »

Fitness At Home: Go Get Those Pigs!

It’s been over a week since I’ve blogged.  As you could tell from my previous blog I’ve had some things happen in life that placed speed bumps for me.  We all have experienced this at one point or another… some of you may be experiencing this right now. You may look back through my blog... Read more »

Life Happens... Don't Let It Stop You

I know that I may always seem upbeat and positive on this blog, and some people may read the blogs, and see me on Facebook and Twitter, and think I’m unstoppable… but let’s face it, I’m human.  We are ALL human.  Sometimes there are things that happen in our lives that cause us to go... Read more »

Fitness Motivation: Envisioning Your Future

The following comes from DailyOm.com.  I subscribe to their newsletter for a daily dose of inspiration.  Even though the following was the Gemini horoscope for today, I feel that it applies to everyone out there.It’s all too true.  If you know where you want to go, what you want your life to be, what your... Read more »

Turbo Fire Launch Party Recap - Fitness on Fire!

Yesterday was the Chicago area launch party for the new program, Turbo Fire.I had a great time!  We all met downtown, which was already buzzing from the hustle and bustle of the Taste, but instead of sampling greasy foods, we headed inside to get our SWEAT on! This was my first experience with the program,... Read more »

Inspiration To Move Past Your Limitations With Fitness

Limitations… we all have them.  For some of us they are more serious than for others.  The biggest limitation that we all face when starting a fitness program is the fact that we are out of shape.  Many people let that limitation drive them into the ground and they give up if they don’t see... Read more »