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The Skinny On Starbucks' New La Boulange Pastries

The Skinny On Starbucks' New La Boulange Pastries
Admit it, you grab a pastry on the go more than you’d like to admit.  I’m going to raise my hand and admit guilt.  Sometimes you are on the go and it’s the only option between eating something or starving yourself (unless you’ve packed snacks, in which case you win!).  I’ve been seeing signs at... Read more »

How Many Calories Are In Your Favorite Valentine's Treats?

I am a firm believer in indulging from time to time, just as long as it’s in moderation and isn’t a daily habit.  I think Valentine’s is a great day to choose to have a little wine, a little dessert… perhaps a little candy!  You may be curious, however, what you are getting yourself into…... Read more »

Fitness At Home's Guide to Eating Out Right!

Let’s be realistic.  Not all of our meals can be had at home.  In fact, the majority of Americans eat on the go today… so, it’s no wonder our belt buckles are expanding.  Have you SEEN the nutrition facts of some of your favorite meals?  It’s really astounding how many calories and how much fat... Read more »