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6 Moves to Get a Better Butt

Hi-ho, I’m back!  After a crazy busy summer, I’ve made it my MISSION to be back and offer lots of great fitness tips and advice to help you through these gloomy months of winter (when, lets face it, how often do you really want to drive or walk to the gym?)! Are you like me... Read more »

Give Yourself A Weekly Challenge

So, I decided to give myself a pretty intense weekly challenge this week.  “Why?” you may ask.  Because I know that if I can do something for a week, then there is no reason I can’t make positive lifestyle choices on a regular basis.  Maybe the reason you’ve slacked on your own goals is because... Read more »

A New Butt For Christmas?

Remember those ads for Bally’s where it shows people opening up gift boxes and boasting that they are getting “fat thighs” or “a big butt”… or other things along those lines?  Well, what if you could get yourself a NEW BUTT for Christmas!?  Well, that’s what I ended up getting myself for Christmas last year. ... Read more »

Gift Of Fitness = Toys For Kids?

Last year I did a charity event called Turbo For Tots.  I offered a free Turbo Kick class to anyone who brought a toy donation for Toys for Tots.  This year, due to my crazy schedule, I’ve been unable to organize this event again.  However, I still want to give back. Opening presents on Christmas... Read more »

Top 10 Most Effective Workout Videos of All Time

I know you read my advice on home workout programs, but I thought I’d share an article from another site as well, so that you have an abundance of opinions on this matter.  This article comes from LiveStrong, and it’s their picks for the Top 10 Most Effective Workout Videos Of All Time! So, what... Read more »

Win Cash And Prizes Just For Working Out!

I just learned about this today, and I wish I’d told you about it 9 days ago so that you could’ve taken full advantage… but late is better than never! Team Beachbody is giving away $600 cash each day for logging workouts at their WOWY (Work Out With You) gym.  You can join Team Beachbody... Read more »