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Must Haves For Home Fitness

Must Haves For Home Fitness
A lot of people think that in order to exercise at home they need to get some big, fancy, home strength training system.  Or, some big, clunky, piece of home cardio equipment.  That is NOT the case, though!  In fact, I would try to talk you out of spending hundreds (or thousands) of dollars on... Read more »

A Little Inspiration To Keep You Moving...

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Let’s face it, changing your body and your life is hard… but it’s not impossible.  Some people have it harder than others, and this video is a great example of someone who overcame the odds to reclaim their life and their body.  What did he do?  He found a workout that he saw as doable... Read more »

TOP FITNESS PICKS For Your 2012 Home Fitness Resolutions!

There are so many ways to lose weight and get in shape out there that it’s hard to know where to start!  Magazines, DVDs from the store or online, fitness workouts on your “on demand,” apps for your Smart Phone… the list could go on.  So, to help you on your journey, I’m listing my... Read more »

"Black Friday Fitness Deals" Is Back!

"Black Friday Fitness Deals" Is Back!
Last year, for Black Friday, I used my Twitter account to share Black Friday deals that I found on Fitness Goods… so, I’m going to be doing that again this year. Not only will I be featuring FITNESS DEALS, but I’ll be sharing links to stores and sites for local businesses that support friends as... Read more »

Join The Holiday Fitness Challenge Group on Facebook!

I like to organize fitness challenges around the Holidays to help people get through one of the hardest times of year when it comes to treats being everywhere!  This challenge is goal based and YOU set your goals.  Use the group to post your progress to help motivate yourself and others!  I’ve started my fitness... Read more »

Well Rounded Fitness

Is Your Routine Complete? A lot of times when you are reading magazines you see featured stories that are all related to “blasting.”  Blast the fat away, smaller tummy in seven days, firmer buns in three easy moves, etc etc etc.  While it’s important to catch a reader’s (or viewer’s) attention, I find it more... Read more »

Salutation Nation Happens THIS Saturday! Free Yoga!

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“On Saturday, September 10, 2011, at 9 am your local time, roll out your mat and do yoga. Join your community to move, breathe, connect and get your downdog on!” Go to to find the one closest to you!  The Chicago one is happening at the Oak Street Beach.  You can RSVP on Facebook,... Read more »

6 Reasons Why Yoga Is a Great Way to Start the Day!

6 Reasons Why Yoga Is a Great Way to Start the Day!
6 Reasons Why Yoga Is a Great Way to Start the Day! By Maura Tibbs (as printed in the Team Beachbody newsletter) Sometimes it just feels great to start the day with a good workout. That being said, springing out of bed and hammering out a session of P90X® Plyometrics can be a tall order.... Read more »

10 Great Reasons To Exercise And Eat Right

Motivation.  It’s pretty much the age-old reason why a lot of people don’t get on, or continue with, an exercise regime and healthy eating plan.  The main reason behind this, as I see it, is that people haven’t really taken the time to figure out what their strongest motivating factors are.  We spend a lot... Read more »

P90X2 Advanced Preview

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I had the opportunity to get a sneak peak of the new P90X2 program, which is in the works, last weekend!  This program looks INTENSE!  I plan on trying it out, for sure but I think another round of P90X classic is needed before I even attempt this program (and I’d recommend that to any... Read more »