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Motivation Monday: Mike T. Gets Shredded With Home Fitness

Motivation Monday:  Mike T. Gets Shredded With Home Fitness
Welcome to a new chapter in Fitness At Home.  In asking people the types of things they’d like to see from this blog, MOTIVATIONAL STORIES was a big one!  I want to help inspire you with success stories from all across the realm using various home fitness methods.  I’m starting with a friend of mine,... Read more »

The Superhero Fitness Challenge Returns To C2E2!

The Superhero Fitness Challenge Returns To C2E2!
Last year the Superhero Fitness Challenge made a splash at C2E2 (Chicago’s BEST Entertainment and Pop Culture convention) by being the only health and fitness related booth there!  People engaged in our fitness challenge and earned great prizes!  We brought an excitement for living healthier lives into an area where it’s been pretty non-existent up... Read more »

My Journey From Couch To Fitness... Part Deux. Replacing Bad Habits With Good Habits.

My Journey From Couch To Fitness... Part Deux.  Replacing Bad Habits With Good Habits.
Getting started is the hardest part.  That’s the reason so many people give up on health and fitness.  It’s about developing new habits that will become life long habits.  Fitness and nutrition are not about quick results or short-cut answers, they are about finding something you can live with for the rest of your life,... Read more »

Excuses Busters #1 - How To Overcome Common Fitness-Related Excuses

I asked for some reasons why people have issues with starting or sticking to a fitness and nutrition regime on my Facebook page, so I’m taking time in this newsletter to address them and hopefully offer advice in these areas. EXCUSE #1: “That Time of Month” This is mainly a woman thing (well, duh… though,... Read more »

Join The Holiday Fitness Challenge Group on Facebook!

I like to organize fitness challenges around the Holidays to help people get through one of the hardest times of year when it comes to treats being everywhere!  This challenge is goal based and YOU set your goals.  Use the group to post your progress to help motivate yourself and others!  I’ve started my fitness... Read more »

Free Health and Wellness Seminar en Español!

If you live in Chicago, or the surrounding areas, and you speak Spanish I want to make sure you know about an event happening on July 14th.  Jael Weber, from Beachbody, will be in Berwyn, IL leading a health and wellness seminar in Spanish (there will be an English translator present).  This event will be... Read more »

Team Beachbody Is Giving Away Up To $2,000 Daily In January

I’ve posted about WOWY over at Team Beachbody before, but I wanted to make another post, because I learned this weekend that they are doubling their giveaways for all of January… so that means you could win up to $2,000 for logging your workouts online, and it’s free to do.  It’s an extra way to... Read more »

New Year's Resolutions... What's Yours? Get Specific!

It’s about this time of year that people start thinking RESOLUTIONS, because we are elbow deep in Holiday treats and, for many, a little extra padding.  I admit that I fall into the trap as well as I just can’t pass up a tasty home made Christmas cookie (or wine, let’s face it).  So, I’ve... Read more »

A New Butt For Christmas?

Remember those ads for Bally’s where it shows people opening up gift boxes and boasting that they are getting “fat thighs” or “a big butt”… or other things along those lines?  Well, what if you could get yourself a NEW BUTT for Christmas!?  Well, that’s what I ended up getting myself for Christmas last year. ... Read more »

I Commit To Stay Fit Through The Holidays... Do You?

Do you need extra motivation to get you through the holidays?  It’s that time of year that we usually stop taking care of ourselves because we are focusing so much on taking care of others.  Well, I ask you to make a commitment to yourself!  If you want to join us as part of this... Read more »