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Help A Local Chicago Pilates Instructor Earn Internet Fame!

Help A Local Chicago Pilates Instructor Earn Internet Fame!
Local Chicago pilates instructor and studio owner, Jennifer Golden Zumann, is in the running to be the next Pilates Anytime instructor, and she needs your votes! VOTE FOR JENNIFER Who is Jennifer?  Jennifer is the co-owner of Pilates Chicago (, a great pilates studio in Rogers Park.  I had the pleasure of meeting Jennifer and... Read more »

I Commit To Stay Fit Through The Holidays... Do You?

Do you need extra motivation to get you through the holidays?  It’s that time of year that we usually stop taking care of ourselves because we are focusing so much on taking care of others.  Well, I ask you to make a commitment to yourself!  If you want to join us as part of this... Read more »

The Extreme Fitness Craze... Is It For You?

Gone seem to be the days of the colorful leotards and exercises that barely caused you to break a sweat.  Exercise has been evolving over the years thanks to more research in that area, as well as the knowledge that there are people out there who like to work hard.  Enter the dungeon style, hard... Read more »

Proper Form Will Keep Your Knees Healthy For Exercise

I want to start making tip videos, and this is my first attempt at it (look out, world!).  It’s a bit longer than I hope future videos to be, and I do ramble a little bit at times (oops), but I hope it contains information that will be useful to you or someone you know.... Read more »