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My New Love Affair With Vegetables... Discovering An Alkaline Body

My New Love Affair With Vegetables... Discovering An Alkaline Body
I admit, though being quite the healthy person, I was never really that great at eating my vegetables.  Most people aren’t, in fact.  We spend time replacing meals with “meal replacement bars” (or other goodies) that are full of all sorts of processed badness, yet they are marketed as being good for you.  Bah! If... Read more »

Detoxing... For Real or Fad? Get rid of the CRAP!

I’m back!  I was away on the Beachbody Success Cruise, which explains my MIA status… but I’m back and ready to blog! Detoxing is all the craze right now, but does it work?  Is it for real?  Do you know how your body works internally so that you can keep it functioning properly?  Most people... Read more »

The Shakeology Cleanse Follow-Up

Alright, so I’m here after completing two days of the Shakeology Cleanse.  I’m down 4.9 pounds in two days and I notice that my stomach looks significantly less bloated.  Normally, this cleanse is supposed to last for three days, but due to my schedule today I’m not able to do the cleanse as designed, so... Read more »

Detoxing At Home and the Shakeology Cleanse...

I’m sure that many, if not all, of you have heard of detox diets.  Maybe you’ve even tried one yourself!?  I have to admit, I’ve always been a critic of these such things.  Why?  Well, the main reason is simply because if you eat properly, drink water, and exercise regularly, your body should be doing... Read more »