About Me

Melanie B.


Hi!  My name is Melanie.  I'm an ACE certified personal trainer and an AFAA certified group fitness instructor with specialty certifications in Body Pump, P90X,  Turbo Kick and PiYo (oh, yeah... and I also enjoying being a superhero from time to time)... but it wasn't always that way.  I went to college for musical theatre and earned by BFA from Roosevelt University in downtown Chicago.  At that time I could've cared less about health and fitness, but that all changed in 2004.  I got into fitness because I needed to improve my health if I wanted to pursue acting more heavily, but I ended up falling in love with fitness and making a total career change!  I lost over 35 pounds on my own, with the help of home fitness programs, and then went on to pursue my fitness certifications.

In 2011 I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's thyroiditis, an autoimmune disorder where my body decides that my thyroid is the enemy and starts attacking it.  That explained why I'd been achy and exhausted for a while, and I still am.  However, I am not someone who is going to roll over and let this take over my life.  Things may have gotten more complicated now, but I want to prove that you can still take control of your body and your life.  I know I'm not the only one struggling out there.  Whether it's due to an autoimmune disorder, other disease, injury, illness, etc. I know that others are struggling too.  I am keeping this blog to share my knowledge in the fitness industry, as well as my journey in exploring re-taking control of my body over this disease.  I do hope to inspire some of you who may feel lost or defeated to stand back up and fight back!

If you are ever interested in taking one of my classes, email me at melanieb@personalfitnessathome.com and ask me for my current class schedule and where to find me :-)  I currently teach at Northwestern University and XSport, but my schedule could change each season, so it's best to ask ;-)

You can also find my website associated with Team Beachbody at PersonalFitnessatHome.com - it was these programs that got me started into the fitness nut I am today, so I think you may find something that floats your boat there as well.  I am currently an 8-Star Diamond, founding, coach for them who has won many awards and works in the top 1% of the company.

My goal with this blog is to help people on all levels... people who workout at home, people who love the gym, and people who are still looking for a solution that will work for them.  Let's succeed, together! :-)

I am a firm believer that there is a fitness format out there for everyone. Living a healthy life should be FUN, and I want to help you find that! I found it myself back in 2004 and I haven't looked back since!


"Success is the good fortune that comes from aspiration, desperation, perspiration and inspiration." ~Evan Essar~



I am an ACE certified personal trainer and an AFAA certified group fitness trainer with over 7 years of experience.  It should be noted that I am NOT a licensed nutritionist/dietician.  This blog is based on my training, my opinion, and reviews on products I've tried and articles I've read (facts will all be sourced and credited in my blog posts), as well as my own personal experience and growth on the subject matter.  Do not take any advice in this blog over what you've been advised to do by a medical professional.  Always consult your physician before starting any new fitness program or supplemental nutrition program, and/or if you believe you could have an autoimmune disorder (please do not self diagnose)