Join the "No Shame Summer" Movement and LOVE your body!

How often do you find yourself saying negative things about your body?  Once per day?  5 times per day?  20 times per day?  We all do it.  Our bodies are amazing vessels and are awesome, but we constantly tear ourselves down, mentally, because something about our bodies doesn’t live up to the standard that we feel they are supposed to.  No more!

I’m so glad that my friends Andriana (who you can find at ENRGI Fitness in downtown Chicago) and Jason (a Chicagoland actor and performer) started this movement on Facebook.  #noshamesummer

It started as an event, and I literally learned about it hours before it was intended to start, but I jumped on board quick.  Why?  Because I am WAY guilty of body shaming myself.  It started in my early, early teens and carried on through adulthood.  I got my body to where I was pretty happy, and then autoimmunity started to rear it’s ugly head and weight started to come back…. thus, I started negative talking myself a lot again.  The thing that I need to realize, that we all need to realize, is that we need to care for our bodies out of LOVE for our bodies, not hate.  We need to not be ashamed of where we are, right now, because nobody knows what goes on in our lives… whether it’s mental, physical, illness or injury related, etc.  Do what makes you feel good!

So, I encourage you to join us.  Love the skin you are in.  Take a picture of yourself and use the #noshamesummer hashtag and share it across the interwebs!  Check out the Facebook Community for No Shame Summer (and click “like”) to see many more images from the ones featured on this blog.  All of you who are part of this are amazing and beautiful and will inspire so many people to start loving themselves completely.


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