Holiday Party Survival Guide

Holiday Party Survival Guide

A lot of people tend to put their own health and fitness on the back shelf over the Holidays… claiming no time, no control, or simply no care.  Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s ok to have fun, but I encourage you to not let everything go down the pooper.  I have some simple and quite doable tips for you that will hopefully help you battle the Holiday bulge and be able to start the New Year confident, instead of regretful.

Melanie’s Top Holiday Survival Tips:

1.) Hydrate.  It’s easy to go to parties and fill up on booze, punches, egg nog, sodas and the like… but it’s more important to keep hydrated. Staying hydrated will help you stay healthy over the holidays, and it’ll also help you reach the point of fullness quicker so that you don’t overindulge. If you go to a Holiday Party, drink one full glass of water for every “other” drink that you have. You can also get fancy with water and have a bubbly water with fresh fruit in it. Squeeze the juice from an orange into bubbly water and then place orange slices in it for a healthy refresher that won’t leave you feeling boring with your beverage.

2.) Practice 3/4.  If you are making a plate of food at a Holiday Party, follow the 3/4 rule. Fill up 3/4 of your plate with healthy items (fruit, veggies, etc.) and fill the other 1/4 with whatever you want! This will help you eat less calories without having to worry about counting.

3.) Don’t Starve.  A lot of people starve themselves all day waiting for that big meal or party. Stop! This habit can mess with your metabolism and also cause you to overindulge when you get to your dinner/party. Eat healthy smaller meals and snacks leading up to the party to help balance your nutrition and keep your metabolism and blood sugar levels even.

4.) Exercise.  Don’t skip your workout! Some people may say, “What’s the point if I’m going to eat all of this anyways.” Remember, though, working out is about more than just weight loss and appearance. It’s about feeling good and keeping your body functioning at its best. So, keep to your workout schedule. Which program are you currently following?

5.) Bring a Healthy Option.  There are lots of healthy options for party foods out there. If you are hosting, offer as many healthy options as possible. If you are going to a pot-luck, bring something healthy. You can trick people into thinking your healthy item is not so healthy, heh. You can find lots of options online with a simple Google search for “healthy party foods.”

Happy Holidays!!!!!!

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