A New Year, A New Me: Time to Attack this Autoimmune Disorder!

A New Year, A New Me:  Time to Attack this Autoimmune Disorder!

2014 is bringing about a new focus on my health, and it’s a mindset towards health that I hope to help everyone adopt.  When you think of health do you generally gravitate towards weight loss and how you look in the mirror?  Most people do, I know I have for years… that is, until my body started attacking itself.  A couple years ago I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.  As it turns out, my body has decided that my thyroid is the enemy, so it’s started attacking it.  This is resulting in a slower thyroid and lots of “interesting” side effects.  What lead to this?

I am one of many people in the world who now suffers from an autoimmune disease.  Each disease has the body attacking a different part of itself, but many of the causes of these diseases, and the treatments, are similar.  Most people rely on prescription drugs with their disease.  I’ve been put on a thyroid medicine to help my thyroid, but that medicine is not treating the cause of this disease.  A lot of doctor’s are quick to prescribe medication to treat symptoms, but don’t share info (or simply don’t know, or don’t believe) on treating the cause.   A lot of the medications that we’ve been prescribed during our lifetimes can actually be ingredients towards creating some of these misfortunes in our body.  Combine that with the artificial and genetically modifed foods we consume, and we’ve created a “perfect storm” for disease in our bodies.  I recall being completely healthy until I chose to get put on Accutane for my acne.  My body has never been the same since.  Was the a major component to creating this perfect storm in my body?  All I know is that it was that medication which started the muscle and joint pain in my body, as well as the weakness in my muscles, and many other side effects common with autoimmune diseases.

My journey in 2014 is going to be on educating myself as much as possible on natural things I can do to help nip this in the butt!  A lot of that will have to do with the foods I put into my body, and the chemicals I avoid putting into my body.  I saw this blog on “How To Avoid Cancer” online today, and found it most interesting.  It tells of how certain foods can affect our bodies.  I recall a friend telling me that when his mother was suffering from cancer that her craving for sugar was increased greatly.  I mean, can it be that we are killing ourselves with the foods we eat?  You know, I believe it!   A lot of what is written in that blog compliments what I’m already learning from reading Root Cause by Izabella Wentz.

I refuse to let myself choose the “easy” way to eat… fast, greasy, salty, sugary, fake, etc.  The way I’ve eaten over the Holidays hasn’t been great, and my body is telling me so.   Sure, my taste buds were like, “weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee,” but my digestive track has been like, “I hate you!”  The thing is, most people’s bodies have adapted to these crappy foods, in that people have just accepted their low energy levels, heartburn, etc. and don’t realize what’s causing these things.  Imagine how much better you could feel with just a simple change in what you eat and drink!  I mean, imagine boundless energy!  Imagine nights full of sound sleep!  Imagine constantly having a clean feeling in your body and minimizing heartburn, illness, and more!  That sounds good to me!

Being healthy is about more than calories in/calories out.  It’s about what we eat and how we take care of the body with movement and rest.   I aim to completely overhaul my body and make it better in 2014… even if it means cutting out sugars, diary and the like.  Taking care of my body is more important to me than the quick satisfaction of that cupcake.  It’s not to say I won’t treat myself once per month, but it can’t be a regular thing.

To compliment this journey I am taking, my blog is refocusing.  I’ll be sharing my journey, my resources, recipes, workouts, etc. throughout the year in this blog.  My blog used to be called “Fitness At Home,” but now it’s “Healthy or Bust,” because that’s my mindset!  Even if you don’t have an autoimmune disorder, everything I post about will help you work towards a healthier and more active lifestyle.  Heck, if you can prevent such things, wouldn’t you want to?  I sure hope you would, because let me tell you… losing control of your body isn’t fun!  I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone!

So, who wants to join me in 2014 on claiming control over the body you were given!?  To take care of this gift!?  To live as healthfully as possible!?  Heck, simply TO LIVE!

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  • I'm in! I can't wait!

  • In reply to Jenna Karvunidis:

    Awesome! Way to step up, Jenna! :-)

  • Interesting. I took accutane when I was younger and was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease last year.

  • In reply to Yoga Mom:

    Very interesting, indeed. I mean, when you think about it... Accutane is a form of poisoning to our bodies. Plus, that whole booklet we have to read about the risks and the potential side effects. Many of those side effects are similar to autoimmune disorders. Wouldn't surprise me in the least if it had something to do with it.
    You should check out that "Root Cause" book, as it's quite interesting.

  • I have lupus, so I know all about autoimmune disorders. Thankfully, my eating habits are not a culprit to flare ups, but it's stress and heat. I love the fall and winter months because it's not a threat to my health. There are some with lupus who are sensitive to the cold weather though. The overall theme of your blog is to know what works for you and your health and I couldn't agree more!

  • In reply to Sabrina Nixon:

    Thank you, Sabrina... and best wishes in your continued journey with lupus.

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