Motivation Monday: Mike T. Gets Shredded With Home Fitness

Motivation Monday:  Mike T. Gets Shredded With Home Fitness

Welcome to a new chapter in Fitness At Home.  In asking people the types of things they’d like to see from this blog, MOTIVATIONAL STORIES was a big one!  I want to help inspire you with success stories from all across the realm using various home fitness methods.  I’m starting with a friend of mine, Mike T., as I’ve watched his transformation and am truly impressed with his consistency and inability to stop going for his goals, no matter what life throws at him.

If you would like to be featured as a home fitness success, please see the bottom of this post for how to nominate yourself or someone you know 🙂

The Story of Mike T.


Mike is an architect, a husband, and a father of five.

“In late 2007, I got tired of being out of shape, out of breath, and unable to tie my shoes without breathing heavy. I hate the rat race of the gym and so I had to find something I could do at home. I began exercising routines that I downloaded from the internet. I knew I could put in the hard work if I could have someone tell me what to do.”

When Mike started in his fitness journey he was at 230 lbs. and 29% body fat.  He got started using a Bowflex in home gym system and an online program and got down to about 205 pounds in 6 months.  It was at this point, though, that he decided to change it up and try a new home fitness program.  Like so many people, he decided to give P90X a go.  By the end of that program he got down to 185 pounds.

However, as happens to a lot of people… he hit some setbacks.  Taking a break from exercise caused him to gain weight back up to 199 pounds, so he recommitted to do what made him successful the first time.  During his second round he ran into struggles… from injury to struggles with nutrition.  He quickly learned that you can really work your butt off, but if your nutrition doesn’t align with your goals, then you aren’t going to get the desired results.  He made the personal decision to not eat any carbs after 3pm, and doing that helped him reach a record low weight for himself of 183 lbs.

That wasn’t the end of the struggles for Mike in regards to injury and nutrition, but each time he came back with even more zest to accomplish the goals he has and work hard to maintain his results!  He was actually down to around 166 lbs. during this journey, but decided he was too skinny and wanted to focus more on gaining back muscle mass.  He started to read a lot more into how to get the results he wanted to accomplish, and consulted with people who had achieved what he desired and with whom he could relate.  Since coming back full force into fitness he’s gone through a number of home fitness programs including T25, Body Beast, and another round of P90X.  He’s gotten himself back to 180 pounds and 12.5% body fat!  He’s working hard to achieve his ultimate goal of being at 8% body fat at 185 pounds, and I have no doubt he’ll reach that goal with the level of commitment he’s gained in his journey.

If there’s a few things that we can learn from Mike:

1.) Don’t let setbacks discourage you.  Come up with a new plan, stick to it, and keep working towards your goals.

2.) Nutrition is KEY!  You need to eat a healthy diet to support your active lifestyle, ose weight, and shed body fat as desired.

3.) Age schmage!  Obviously, each time Mike recommitted to his goals he was a little older, timeline wise… however, he’s now reached his record lowest weight in his whole journey thus far!  So, what do you say to that, people who think you are getting “too old” for fitness?!

4.) There isn’t just ONE solution.  He’s obviously done a variety of things, and that’s kept him from getting bored, but also helped him avoid plateaus.

5.) Learning is key!  In order to reach your goal it’s important to know how others got there.

6.) Lighter isn’t always better!  He decided that 166 was too low of a weight for his goal, and adjusted as necessary.  It’s not always about what the scale is telling you, folks!

I hope that Mike inspires you as he inspires me!


If you would like to be featured as a Fitness At Home success story OR you know of someone who should be:

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2.) Include a before/after photo of your results.

3.) Include a quick bio of yourself and your journey with home fitness.  Please be sure to say what you did to achieve your results.


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