New Webcomic Promotes Fitness Awareness And Education

New Webcomic Promotes Fitness Awareness And Education

It’s becoming more and more apparent every day that fitness and wellness are important topics that should be discussed, but it seems like we continually fall short no matter how hard we try (or we are distracted by fads or gimmicks).  Besides being a fitness professional, I’m also a self-confessed nerd (and many people have called me a nerd from the outside as well… pardon me as I reflect back to my middle school days).  I attend many pop culture conventions and I meet lots of people who tell me, “I should work out,” but they don’t.  I can understand their hesitance, because I used to be really shy about it myself.  I used to feel as though the fitness world was a place I’d never fit in.  My mind was changed, however, when I found the right people and the right programs to change my mind and transform my life.

For the past couple of years I’ve taken my Superhero Fitness Challenge booth to the C2E2 convention in Chicago, and I’ve learned one thing… nerdy people ARE interested in fitness (it’s not just me, yay!).  I had people of all ages, shapes, and sizes trying the challenge.  I know that the desire is out there, but I’m not sure that the proper teaching  and inspirational tools are (for some demographics).  It was during my first year at C2E2 that I decided that there really should be a fitness based comic book.  At that time I had an idea of using a human character, superhero powers, etc… but then I was afraid of it possibly offending people, and I also wasn’t sure if a full length comic book was the route I wanted to take.

This past year I had a much clearer vision of what I wanted to do…  a webcomic!  I was highly inspired by Katie Cook’s comic, Gronk (which is way cute, check it out).  Webcomics are great because they are FREE for people to read online, which allows for a greater audience and a greater reach, and also leaves the possibility for publishing into a book later on.  I also decided to make the character an animal instead of a human, and Frollie’s Fitness Follies was born!

Collaboration has been key in this project.  I feel as though fate lead me to meet my friend, Cynthia, when I was teaching yoga at a gym up in Evanston.  Through conversation I learned that she is also a nerd and a professional artist (who has done projects for companies such as Topps), and we both have a huge passion for fitness and inspiring more people to get healthy.   I’ve never written comics before, so she’s proving to be a valuable partner in this project, as she takes my little writings and turns them into great stories with her talent.

Our goal is to use this comic to not only entertain people, but to educate them a little about health and fitness.  Most importantly, though, we hope to inspire people to work towards living healthier lives, and seek out ways to do so that will work for them.  Throughout this comic they’ll watch Frollie learn new things, fail at many things, succeed at things, find fitness types he hates, find ones he enjoys… he will go through all of the ups and downs that anyone who’s gone through a weight loss journey has experienced.  We hope that adults and children alike will be drawn to Frollie on his adventures.  We also plan on printing the first year’s worth of web comics into a book for 2014, so it’ll be something people can have a physical copy of and share with loved ones.

If you love this idea, I do hope that you’ll share with everyone you know.  Please, leave comments so that we know what topics you’d like us to touch upon with the comic.  I really want the stories to be experience based.  To read the comic from the beginning, click on the “first” link under the current comic to be taken to the beginning of the story.

I’ll start you out, though…

Enjoy Frollie #1 and check out Frollie’s Fitness Follies online 🙂

Frollie's Fitness Follies

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