A Sad Day For Athletes; My Thoughts On The Boston Marathon Tragedy #ToBostonWithLOVE

A Sad Day For Athletes; My Thoughts On The Boston Marathon Tragedy #ToBostonWithLOVE

It truly is a sad day.  Not too long ago today, my Twitter feed started filling up with posts about a bombing at the Boston Marathon finish line.  I couldn’t believe what I was reading, but sadly, the news isn’t surprising, either.  What has this world come to that people feel the need to do such things to public events which are meant to be celebrations (not just here, but all over the planet)?  How mad can people be, out there, that they hurt innocent people?  It’s a sad thing that large public gatherings like this become targets for people looking to do bad deeds.  From what I’ve heard, it’s not known who is responsible for this right now, but whomever they are… I hope that karma takes care of their ill deed.

If you know someone who ran in the marathon and you are curious as to whether or not they are ok, you can check out this link provided by the Red Cross: http://www.redcross.org/find-help/contact-family/register-safe-listing

I’ll never understand why making a public display and hurting innocent people can get any kind of point across whatsoever.  I posted to my Twitter feed that “I look forward to the day when love inherits the Earth instead of hatred and fear.”

We could spend the day (and the days to come) letting this light our own hatred, causing us to lash out at each other, at the world, at God, at whomever… but what good does creating more hate from hate do?  Lets remember what running a marathon, such as the Boston marathon, is supposed to be about.  Courage, Overcoming Obstacles, Goal Setting, Joy, Love, Laughter, Winning Against Struggles, Strength, Stamina, Accomplishment, Success, Health… and so much more!  I encourage you to take any negative feelings that you are feeling towards the world today and re-channel those feelings into a message of love.  Hug a friend, call a family member, leave a nice note for a stranger, donate to your favorite charity, share a motivational post on your Facebook, or…

… Write an uplifting note on a piece of paper, take a picture of it, and post it to your Twitter feed (as I’m doing) and hashtag it #toBostonwithLOVE  Let’s show an outpouring of LOVE and support for those in Boston, but also for everyone else on this Earth.

To Boston With Love

Keep fighting the good fight.  Keep reaching for your goals.  Lets keep love in our hearts and not let instances like this cause us to give up our hope!

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