Easy Solutions For Working Out While Traveling

A lot of people give up on their workouts when they travel.  For many people it’s because they don’t have access to equipment, or they just don’t think there’s enough room in their hotel to get their workout in.  Don’t let your excuses win the battle, though, because I’m here to tell you of a number of ways you can travel and still get a workout in while you are on the go!  It’s easy!  Check out my suggestions for some good travel solutions that won’t take up a bunch of space in your suitcase.

Best Equipment For Travel:

Resistance Bands

Resistance Bands

These puppies fit easily into your suitcase and are great for strength training on the go!  Heck, they are something you may want to consider keeping in your house, period.  I generally get more soreness from using these than free weights, and the reason is because of the resistance you are fighting during the negative portion of a strength exercise.  They are great, give them a go!  I’d recommend the PINK or MAGENTA bands for ladies, and either the MAGENTA or RED band for the men.  You really only need one band when traveling, because you can vary resistance a lot with just the one.  Not sure how to use these, keep reading for my favorite travel workout videos (some of which use these bands).

TRX Trainer


This option costs a bit more than resistance bands, but may be up your alley.  The basic TRX kit comes with the straps and a door attachment (which you could use in your hotel room… I have a friend that travels with these), and you’ll get access to some digital workouts… which means if you have your computer, you have a workout.  Of course, once you learn how to use these, you could easily create your own workout.  It’s amazing how good of a workout you can get simply by using your body weight and gravity with suspension.

Travel Yoga Mat

Travel Yoga Mat

I love my fold up travel yoga mat.  I got mine at lululemon, but they don’t appear to offer the fold up mat anymore.  However, Gaiam still offers the fold up style of travel yoga mat.  These mats fold up easily into your suitcase for travel… great for yoga on the go, or even just to have a floor mat for core work.

My Favorite Workout DVDs For Travel:

Turbo Fire

Turbo Fire

This is honestly my favorite go-to workout series for when I travel.  The reason is because it requires very little equipment (the resistance workouts require only a resistance band… one of them has use of the ankle strap… and the DVD set comes with both of those, boom!), and you have a selection of workouts that vary from 15 minutes to 60 minutes.  No excuses when traveling because you have a workout length to fit into whatever schedule you may have on the go!  If you want two bonus workouts when you buy it, go through my referral link!

Les Mills Combat

Les Mills Combat

This new program is a fun mix of martial arts.  Just like with Turbo Fire, it requires little or no equipment, and you have a variety of workout lengths to choose from.  This one travels better as cardio, because the strength workouts have some use of dumbbells… but if your hotel has a gym with this equipment you can easily take your laptop down to knock out a strength workout, or just stick in your hotel room and do cardio!  If you want a bonus workout disk when you buy it, go through my referral link!



I will admit that, yes, this workout is insane and intense like no other I’ve ever done.  However, it does travel well… the reason being is that the only equipment is uses is your body weight.  So, you need only travel with the DVDs.  However, with all of the jumping, though in rooms around you may not like it if you are doing it at strange hours of the day/night 😉  If you want the “Fast & Furious” bonus 20 minute workout (great for a quick travel workout), be sure to go through my referral link if you decide to get it.

Other options…

Of course, while traveling, many hotels you stay at will have gyms and equipment… but sometimes they have strange hours or even additional fees for use.  If you are traveling for leisure, you can also be sure to participate in activities that get your heart racing a bit more so that you enjoy fitness while you enjoy your trip!  Some of those could include walking tours, tree-top zip line courses, hiking, horseback riding, scuba diving or snorkeling, or even just a stroll down the beach or through town to see the sights.

I also really love Yoga Journal’s website… you can access yoga videos of various lengths, or you can use their sequence builder… great for use with your travel yoga mat 😉

So, those are some tips for making sure you stay fit while traveling!  Happy workout! 🙂


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    I'm also a fan of resistance bands and suspension trainers like you.

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