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5 Quick Breakfasts And 9 High Protein Snacks

5 Quick Breakfasts And 9 High Protein Snacks
A lot of people ask me for quick meals they can make or snacks they can grab that are healthy options (as opposed to hitting the vending machine).  Eating healthy doesn’t have to be brain science, in fact, it’s quite easy!  Below is a quick list of a few healthy and quick breakfasts PLUS some... Read more »

A Little Inspiration To Keep You Moving...

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Let’s face it, changing your body and your life is hard… but it’s not impossible.  Some people have it harder than others, and this video is a great example of someone who overcame the odds to reclaim their life and their body.  What did he do?  He found a workout that he saw as doable... Read more »

Your Top 10 Fitness Questions Answered

Should I workout when injured?  How soon will I see results? Why do I need to stretch?  How do I know how much weight to lift?  These, and many more, are questions I get a lot, and since they’ve been answered so well by Steve Edwards, I figured I’d let him take the wheel and... Read more »

Create a Fitness Dream Board For Success!

So, it’s the New Year, and perhaps you’ve started your journey towards a NEW YOU?  If the answer is YES I HAVE, then this activity could be something FUN for you to do.  It’ll also give you a visual goal to keep in front of your face at all times, reminding you of what you... Read more »

Was Making a New Year's Resolution a Waste of Time?

Was Making a New Year's Resolution a Waste of Time?
A lot of people start the beginning of every year making a bunch of empty promises to themselves, but it doesn’t have to be that way.  Is the concept of making a New Year’s Resolution a great idea that everyone should embrace, or is it just another fad that we do because society tells us... Read more »