Create a Fitness Dream Board For Success!

So, it’s the New Year, and perhaps you’ve started your journey towards a NEW YOU?  If the answer is YES I HAVE, then this activity could be something FUN for you to do.  It’ll also give you a visual goal to keep in front of your face at all times, reminding you of what you are committing to.  I’m talking about making a fitness dream board.  People make business and life dream boards a lot, but why not get more focused with the topic of your dream board?  If you have health goals to reach this year I encourage you to make a fitness/health specific dream board.  You can do this physically by getting poster board and cutting out pictures and getting really crafty with it, or you can do it like it I did.  I made mine online here ->

This is one that I made up really quickly with some of my fitness goals and commitments…

Fitness Dream Board 2013


Things to think about including on your fitness dream board can be:

  • How much weight you want to lose.
  • What size clothing you’d like to wear.
  • Specifically, like I did, clothing you’d like to fit BACK into.
  • What numbers you may need to get your cholesterol down to.
  • What numbers you may need to get your blood pressure down to.
  • What medications you’d like to get off of.
  • What activities you’d like to be able to get into again (sports, dance, playing with kids, etc.)
  • What weight you’d like to be able to bench press.
  • How far you’d like to be able to run (or plan for a race)
  • What yoga pose you’d like to be able to do.
  • Commitments (as I did, post what you will commit to in order to improve your health)
  • A picture of your fitness role model
  • A picture of someone you are doing this for (your kids, your spouse, etc.)
  • A picture of something you are doing this for (a reunion, a vacation, perhaps the prevention of a chronic illness, etc.)
  • A mindset you need to adopt in order to achieve your goals


I could go on with that list, but that gives you an idea.  I dare you to give this a try.  Seriously, it’s FUN!  Plus, it’s always good to have those strong reasons WHY so that you aren’t giving up by the end of January.  You need a strong foundation to build your commitment to fitness on.  So, if you haven’t done that yet, then now is the time.


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    Interesting the difference in all the experts and their recommendations/opinions. From my understanding not all calories are created equal and weight loss (fat loss) isn't just calories in/calories out (although that is a part of it, mathematically speaking). Part of the issue is losing muscle if you only create a calorie deficit which also induces stress hormones causing fat storage. Muscle burns fat, so keeping as much muscle as possible would seem better, right? All that to say that losing weight and losing fat are two different things. It's amazing to me how each person and how their body reacts to food/macronutrients is different. It does seem the only thing all of the experts can agree on is to eat whole foods and lots of vegetables. Thanks for the recap! Sounds like it was a great conference and a pretty cool facility. We have NOTHING like that....I'm a bit jealous! health

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