Top Fitness Gifts For Beginners And Advocates This Christmas

Fitness is a touchy subject when it comes to giving people gifts, as you don’t want to risk offending someone or getting someone something that they didn’t ask for.  That being said, before I get into my gift suggestions, I want to give you some tips for when it comes to buying fitness related gifts for people.  I’ll break this into two categories… people who are beginners with fitness, and those who are already fitness advocates.

Fitness gift tips when buying for the beginner:

  • First and foremost, make sure that they ASKED for a fitness related gift for Christmas.  Don’t buy someone something that you think they need.  They have to want it or else you will risk offending them.
  • If they’ve hinted that they’d like something fitness related for Christmas, just directly ask them what they want.  If they aren’t quite sure exactly what they want, then see some of my suggestions below and ask them if any of those sound up their alley.
  • Make sure you understand what they like.  You may be into fitness and you’ll assume that everyone will like the same workouts as you.  They won’t.  Make sure you are aware of their likes/dislikes when it comes to anything involving activity.
  • Stay away from huge gifts like treadmills, stationary bikes, or the like.  Many people look at these and think they are a great idea, but there’s a reason they show up at garage sales so often.  They are big, they are expensive, and they don’t even offer a complete workout regime (which should include strength/cardio/flexibility).  So, before you go investing in something like that, I’d start with a gym membership that offers cardio equipment just to test it out to see if they’ll even enjoy it.
  • Stay away from fads and gimmicks.  This means any fad related diet books (Adkins, anyone?), and fad equipment.  Some examples of fad equipment to avoid include contraptions only meant to tone one area of the body (i.e. thigh master, ab hammock, etc. I can rant about these, but I won’t waste space.  If you want  better insight as to why you should avoid these, email me, by all means), those electric impulse belts that claim they’ll give you great abs (whatever), Shake Weights (sorry, but you’d be better just getting regular dumbbells or resistance bands), etc.
  • Last but not least… the best gift you can give a beginner is to do it with them.  Support is a key part to success.

Fitness gift tips when buying for the advocate:

  • People who are into fitness already know what they like, so ask them what they want (that’s simple).
  • You actually CAN buy big budget equipment for a fitness advocate, because someone like them could greatly benefit from something like a treadmill (especially if they are runners, etc.), because they’ll know how to incorporate it into a full fitness regime, and they’ll already know their likes/dislikes in regards to such equipment.
  • Gift certificates are great for advocates, because like I said, they know what they like.  They are likely already really drawn to certain brands.  So, find out what brands they like and buy them gift cards for those stores (clothing/shoes/etc. are great ideas).
  • Supplements can be good for advocates as well, but again, find out what they use already and just help them with their supply.

Oh, and PS, contrary to what those 5 Hour Energy commercials may want to make you believe, that is a HORRIBLE present to get someone.  In fact, I don’t recommend anyone use something like that, period.

Alright, now on to some of my top picks for fitness related gifts that could be great for BOTH beginners and advocates for Christmas 🙂



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