Hey, Ladies, Worried About Bulk? Time For Some Myth Busters!

Hey, Ladies, Worried About Bulk? Time For Some Myth Busters!

It’s time to put down the baby rattles (what I like to call those puny little weights) and actually challenge your body.  Worried about bulk!?  Worry not!  I can tell you that I constantly challenge myself to lift heavier, and the heavier I am lifting, the more definition and shape my body is getting.  I can also tell you that the one girl in my Body Pump class who is lifting heavier than everyone (even the guys, and myself… and she’s shorter and smaller than me) is the fittest and tightest girl in the room… and she’s not bulky!  So, it’s time for some myth busters, compliments of a couple of the fitness experts from Team Beachbody


A couple of my favorite strength programs that are good for both the men and the ladies?

Les Mills Pump (based on the gym class of Body Pump, from Les Mills, this class will have you in your aerobic zone as you feel powerful and sexy lifting a barbell and targeting your muscles using isolation)

P90X (do I even really need to describe this one?  I think everyone’s heard of it by now, haha)

ChaLEAN Extreme (based on using heavier weights with fewer reps it’s main focus is on building lean muscle to increase your metabolism and burn more fat)

If you ever have any questions about strength training for women, please feel free to email me at melanieb@personalfitnessathome.com

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