Kia Kaha. Be Strong. Lessons I Learned That Can Be Applied For Success!

Kia Kaha.  Be Strong. Lessons I Learned That Can Be Applied For Success!

This past weekend I attended the certification for Body Pump.  I’ve gone through plenty of certifications, but I think this one is actually the hardest one I’ve ever done… for a number of reasons.  However, I learned and re-learned quite a few lessons and I want to take a moment to share my experience with you and help you see how these lessons can be applied for your own goals.

1.) Never Stop Learning.

You may think you know it all and be super confident, but there are always ways you can improve yourself… so, don’t get cocky.  In the past, I’ve always been quite confident of my abilities to teach group fitness because of my background in theatre.  Being up in front of people is not hard for me.  I’ve also be super confident in my cuing abilities as well as my form with exercise.  This weekend taught me that there are always ways to improve (which I know, in the back of my head, but sometimes get lazy about.  C’mon, I’m not the only one!  Admit it!).  Even if you think you know everything about a certain topic, never stop learning.  There is always more to be learned and built upon; not to mention that trends change… especially in the fitness industry.  So, while you think you may have the perfect solution, it will eventually plateau.  We are very adaptable creatures and it’s easy for us to fall into patterns both mentally and physically.   When we do this, we stop improving ourselves.  Seek knowledge!

2.) Be Willing To Accept Feedback.

This is very hard for people who are extremely confident and think they know everything.  A lot of people will get defensive when feedback is offered to them (and I realize that feedback and badgering are two different things… make sure the person giving you feedback is equal to or better than you).  At the beginning of the weekend I set myself mentally.  I though, “Ok, Melanie, it’s likely weaknesses will get pointed out.  Don’t get defensive.  Instead, learn and strive to improve on those.”  You know what?  I did!  I took notes on the feedback I was given and I made myself improve.  If you are working with a trainer or a coach, listen to what they have to say.  It’s their job to help make you better… why would you ignore advice from a professional?

3.) You Are Stronger Than You Think.

Think of something you are really passionate about.  Something that you would fight for.  Is it your family?  Your job?  What about your goals?  I say this because people are obviously passionate about families and jobs… but people often set aside passion for goals because they deem something as too difficult, or “It’ll never happen.”  STOP IT!  You are SO much stronger than you think… both physically and mentally.  I got challenged in both ways over the weekend.  Mentally, after day one I was drained.  I actually cried in my car on the way back to the hotel out of sheer exhaustion.  On day two I reset my mind and went back with a vengeance.  We were really challenged physically on day two.  For one thing, I had to run.  I’m not a runner.  In fact, *gasp*, I strongly dislike running.  I stepped outside of my comfort zone and ran, though.  We also did the Body Pump challenge.  Challenging ourselves to lift heavier weights than we’d likely lifted in the past.  That inspired me during our last presentation round.   Normally, I would’ve petered out by this point and lifted baby rattles (aka tiny weights) for the last run through.  But, because of that challenge I KNEW I was stronger… so I added more weight to my bar than I thought I had the strength for and I conquered!  You may think you don’t have the ability to do something, but you DO!  Set yourself up mentally for success and your body will follow!

4.) Don’t Go It Alone.

Team work and partner work was BIG over the weekend.  I will tell you this… without buddies and a support group I NEVER would’ve had success in fitness, period.  I likely wouldn’t be where I am today.  However, the fitness family adopted me and now I’m constantly adopting new people into it.  Out on our run they made sure that we finished together.  No one was left behind… which was encouraging for this non-runner.  I even did a little sprint at the end.  During the Body Pump challenge we had buddies who were there to motivate us and spot us.  Without my buddy’s help there were reps I would not have finished.  There is great POWER in having someone do this with you.  Don’t be a loner.  If you don’t know anyone to support you in your goals, think again… you have ME!  Please, WRITE ME!  Let me help you through your journey!  You are NEVER alone, do don’t shut the door.  Find a buddy, find a group, and ask to be held accountable while you, yourself, hold your buddies accountable as well.  Thank you, fellow Body Pumpers (and my instructors, of course), for being so encouraging, inspiring and energetic throughout the weekend.  Fitness magic! 🙂


Getting into something new is challenging, no doubt.  You will hit road blocks.  You will have days that are super stressful where it seems like nothing is going your way.  You will get feedback that makes you sad or angry.  But you know what?  Those are the small moments.  We need to stop focusing on the small moments of sadness and doubt and start focusing on the BIG PICTURE of what we REALLY WANT!  If you want to create change in your body be ready for the commitment.  Write yourself a note, in fact, and makes promises to yourself.  That way, when you start to falter you can go back and re-read the promises you made to yourself.  Share those promises with your buddy/buddies/trainer.  You CAN do this!  You CAN success!  You ARE STRONGER than you know!  Now, get out there and prove it to yourself and to those around you! 🙂  Kia Kaha.  BE STRONG!


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  • I found more motivation when I do sport in a group/class, you get to be with people, ask them questions and you end up going back home with some great tips! I particulary like doing sport whilst I'm on vacation, especially on a cruise, motivation is at its peak! Then I head off to the spa to relax.

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