Quick And Easy Protein-Full Salad

Quick And Easy Protein-Full Salad

I enjoy coming up with my own recipes that fill in nutritional gaps that I need to fill.  One area where I always need work is protein intake.  So, I’m working on finding more ways of getting it into my diet.  BEHOLD!  I give you a bean based salad that is quite tasty and super easy and fast to make!  You could even make this the night before to go with tomorrow’s lunch!  Add 4 ounces of grilled or baked (boneless/skinless) chicken to this and you’ve got a super protein packed, well balanced, lunch!


1/2 cup of ready to eat Cannellini Beans
1 large mustard green leaf (chopped and steamed)
1/8 cup chopped red onion
2 tsbp feta cheese crumbles
4 chopped/pitted kalamata olives
lemon pepper to taste

Steam mustard greens and combine with beans, onion, olives and sprinkle with a little lemon pepper. Chill. Add feta cheese when ready to eat… enjoy!

Approx. 225 calories, 24 g carbs, 8 g fat (healty fats!), 15 g protein

Recipe by: Melanie Bolen (http://www.personalfitnessathome.com)


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