Food Vs. Body

Food Vs. Body

Are you experiencing some post-Holiday bloating, guilt, fatigue… or all of the above?

One thing I’m always reminded of after the Holidays (or birthdays, or other celebrations) is how much food actually does affect my body, my mood, my skin… everything!  Of course, I already knew from past experiences, but it’s always interesting to experience it anew.  Are you aware of how much what you eat is affecting more than just your weight?  These are just some of the things that I, personally, experience when eating too much junk food… perhaps you can relate, or perhaps you’ll be enlightened for how food is treating your body in ways that you may not realize:

DEHYDRATION:  The most noticeable thing for me is how dehydrated I get when eating and drinking poorly.  This is the main reason my beverage of choice is water and I tend to avoid alcohol, sodas, and other sugary drinks on a regular basis.  Sure, I enjoy a glass of red wine, or even a soda, now and then… but I know what to expect when I do.  If you are constantly feeling thirsty, or going to bed with a dry throat, waking up feeling dehydrated, feeling fatigued, constantly hungry, or even getting headaches… it’s likely that you need to cut down on the sugary drinks and drink more water.  It’s not just sugary beverages, though, it’s sugar in general.  If I eat baked goods, or other sugary items, I get this same dehydrated feeling.  The thing is, you may be used to it and not really know that your body is dehydrated.  Start taking steps to better hydrate yourself by cutting down on sugars and drinking more water post-Holidays.

BAD SKIN: The second most noticeable thing is what my skin starts to look like.  You can usually tell when I’m eating poorly because I’ll break out more and my skin will start to look more dull and dry.  Whereas, when I’m eating with good nutrition and drinking plenty of water, my skin is clear and youthful looking.  I’ll often get told I look years younger than my actual age.  Rather than dishing out in lots and lots of expensive skin treatments, try cleaning up your act from the inside out.

FATIGUE:  When I’m eating poorly I get sooooo tired.  It’s so much harder to motivate myself to get moving.  One of the number one things people say when they struggle with starting a new regime with exercise is that they are too tired.  Energy shot companies make a mint on selling products full of sugar that will make you spike and then cause you to crash again and want more and more.  You don’t NEED those things, not one bit!  When you eat properly you will have the energy to conquer your daily tasks without the assistance of false energy sources.

DEPRESSION:  Yes, bad foods give me depression.  Now, I’m not talking about guilt from eating the foods… I’m actually talking about real depression.  The chemical imbalances that happen when I eat poorly can spiral my emotions out of control.  Do you feel depressed often?  Try cleaning up what you eat/drink.  I’m not saying it’ll cure you (especially if you have clinical depression), but it can surely HELP!  You feel more positive when you feel in control.  What you put into your body can be within your control if you choose to take that control.

BLOATING/WEIGHT GAIN:  This is a given, really.  Bad foods will cause weight gain… it’s not all fat at first, but you’ll start retaining more water (initial scale spike), and if you keep it up you will get more fat deposits on your body.  I always find it funny when I see commercials selling antacids… yet, if people just didn’t eat those terrible foods that cause problems then you wouldn’t need to medicate yourself to cover up the symptoms (of the damage you are doing to your body).

UNSEEN INTERNAL EFFECTS:  You can’t feel the long term effects of what regular bad eating will do to you… but they are happening.  You plant the seeds now for years in the future.  Whether those seeds will blossom into chronic diseases, heart attacks, diabetes, or other… it’s up to you.  You are planting your own seeds.

Now, keep in mind, I’m not saying that indulging over the Holidays is bad.  We need indulgences from time to time.  For me, they are always learning experiences as to why I don’t eat like that all the time (like I used to do).  I encourage you to clean up your nutrition for the majority of your time, and then only indulge for special occasions.  Then, when you do indulge, you will FEEL these differences so much more and know what you are going to feel like ahead of time (which will help you pick and choose what you choose to indulge on)!  I’m currently running a fitness challenge group, and one lesson that they are learning is how foods really affect their bodies in ways that they never noticed before, because they didn’t KNOW what it felt like to feel GOOD from food!  They are noticing how much more energy they have when eating good foods, and how crappy they feel when they eat bad foods.  Grow an awareness of how your body is really reacting to food and it’ll help you make proper choices to have your body functioning in tip top shape!

What are some foods to cut down on in order to improve your health? Cut down on SUGARS,  SATURATED FATS, TRANS FAT, ARTIFICIAL SWEETNERS, FACTORY PROCESSED SNACKS/TREATS

What are some foods to ADD in order to improve your health?  WATER, WHOLE VEGGIES, WHOLE FRUITS, LEAN PROTEINS, WHOLE GRAINS, BEANS/LEGUMES

What have you got to lose by doing this?  Well, a few pounds, I’m sure 😉

What’s more important is what you have to GAIN!  You’ll gain energy, you’ll feel better, you’ll look better, your skin will be healthy, your mood will improve… it’s amazing!  Give it a go!  I DARE you to! 😉

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