"Black Friday Fitness Deals" Is Back!

"Black Friday Fitness Deals" Is Back!

Last year, for Black Friday, I used my Twitter account to share Black Friday deals that I found on Fitness Goods… so, I’m going to be doing that again this year.

Not only will I be featuring FITNESS DEALS, but I’ll be sharing links to stores and sites for local businesses that support friends as well.  Why?  Well, Occupy Chicago (Occupy Wallstreet) is HUGE right now, and what better way to show your support of small business than by purchasing from these small businesses, and/or individual business owner?!  So, I’ll be posting the regular fitness deals, but also look for art, crafts, 80’s toys, home goods, and more!

I’m going to start posting these on THURSDAY!  So, while your Thanksgiving dinner is cooking, hop on your computer and see what shopping you can get done!  It’ll be fun browsing for sure!

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