Excuses Busters #1 - How To Overcome Common Fitness-Related Excuses

I asked for some reasons why people have issues with starting or sticking to a fitness and nutrition regime on my Facebook page, so I’m taking time in this newsletter to address them and hopefully offer advice in these areas.

EXCUSE #1: “That Time of Month”

This is mainly a woman thing (well, duh… though, I suppose a crabby woman in the house could equally make the man of the house crabby too).
I understand that it’s hard to workout when you ache and are in a bad mood… and just plain uncomfortable.  However, keep in mind that exercise is a mood booster!  Exercise could actually help with the symptoms you are experiencing which, to me, is an EXCELLENT reason to still do it!
The one thing you DO want to avoid during “that time,” however, are any inverted yoga posts… it’s recommended to not do anything that would disrupt the natural flow.  EXCUSE BUSTER – Exercise will help relieve your symptoms, improve your mood, and it’s actually been shown to lighten your flow.

EXCUSE #2: “Schedule flux”

It can be hard to fit in exercise if you work a job that is not consistent on a day to day basis.  Ask most people who do work regular jobs, and they’ll tell you they struggle on weekends (because they are out of their regular pattern).  However, if you are serious about taking care of yourself, you cannot let this be a reason not to.  Look at each day and I bet you’ll find time to fit in at least  1/2 hour of exercise.  On top of that, your schedule does not affect the TYPE of foods that go into your mouth.  EXCUSE BUSTER – Plan each day ahead of time (the night before) and put exercise into your calendar where it will fit.  Have your meals ready to go, or at least know where you can stop on your busy day to eat quick and healthy options (keep healthy non-perishable snacks with you).  You are giving this excuse too much power.

EXCUSE #3: “Injuries”

When you are injured you DO need to let your body heal.  Definitely take doctor’s orders in regards to this.  However, if your injury is isolated, you can still work areas of your body that are not injuries.  For example… a strained shoulder doesn’t keep you from doing squats and lunges or a stationery bike… just like a broken ankle doesn’t stop you from doing floor work or arm exercises w/dumbbells (while seated, to keep pressure off the ankle).
Injuries are also not telling you what to put into your mouth.  So, focus on things you still have control over it and DO IT!  Don’t use an injury as an excuse to let other areas in your life slide.  EXCUSE BUSTER – When injured there are still things you have control over.  Don’t let your injury let you get lazy in all counts.  You still have things you can be doing.  So DO THEM!

EXCUSE #4:“Getting Started”

There really is no magical answer here.  Getting started is something you need to commit to.  Chances are you have lots of excuses for not starting, and they could be other excuses you are reading about right now.  You need to take control of your life… YOU make the decisions.  JUST DO IT (as Nike would say).  For an exercise at goal setting, try the simple thing of setting your alarm for the morning and DON’T PRESS SNOOZE!  Practice this… not letting yourself give in.  Develop the habit of setting a goal and DO IT.  Then, take that and build on it.  Start setting a goal of a lunch time walk every day.  Do a home workout video.  In the end, you are using multiple excuses not to start… JUST DO IT!  EXCUSE BUSTER – JUST DO IT!

Excuse #5: “I’m Tired When I Get Home From Work”

I can understand being tired when you get home from work, especially if you get up early.  But guess what?  You’ve probably been sitting all day (or standing all day) and what your body NEEDS is movement!  You need to work all muscles and all joints, and stretch out good!  Exercise creates energy!  The more you add in exercise, the less tired you are going to be when you get home!
Also, look at what you are eating during the day, because how you eat REALLY affects your energy levels… BIG TIME!  Do you skip breakfast (or just have coffee and a donut)?  Do you eat a big (unhealthy/unbalanced) lunch?  You need to eat smaller portions more often of HEALTHY foods and you’ll be ASTOUNDED at the energy you will actually have!  You need to get up and move during the day.  You also need to go to bed in time to get enough sleep the night before!  EXCUSE BUSTER – Get enough sleep, eat properly throughout the day and you will HAVE the energy to exercise (which will then create more energy for you!).

In the end ask yourself… are these excuses worth contracting a chronic illness for?  Are they worth having surgery that you could’ve avoided?  Are they worth having to live your final years in a power chair instead of being able to walk?  Are they worth going into a nursing home?
You see, we are all so focused on what we want RIGHT NOW that we don’t think about future consequences.  What happens to you in the future could be serious and even fatal if you don’t stop making excuses and start taking care of yourself.

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