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Is Your Routine Complete?

A lot of times when you are reading magazines you see featured stories that are all related to “blasting.”  Blast the fat away, smaller tummy in seven days, firmer buns in three easy moves, etc etc etc.  While it’s important to catch a reader’s (or viewer’s) attention, I find it more important to make sure that you educate them properly after you’ve gotten it.

No matter how much I wish it were true, you can’t simply do one exercise and expect to get amazing results all over your entire body.  You see this promise made in the form of many exercise “gadgets” advertised on television.  If it were only that easy!  Boy, if a Thigh Master made my whole lower body shape and tone that would be awesome… sign me up!  But, the fact of the matter is… it doesn’t work that way.  The human body is not simple, it’s very complex, and it takes more work to get it fully functioning at it’s peak performance.

When you do an exercise or use a product that targets a specific area of the body you are only targeting that one muscle group.  The same goes for when you do a short and quick exercise series that is featured in a magazine or on YouTube.  A lot of these products, news articles, and videos can be great when combined with a total body workout, but they are not stand alone workouts.  I hate to be the harbinger of woe… but you need to be ready to work a little harder to get the results that you want.

Why is this so important?

I don’t see this talked about nearly enough, but you NEED to balance your muscles.  This means working opposing muscle groups (i.e biceps/triceps, quads/hamstrings, abs/back, just to name a few…) to achieve strength and balance.  So many gadgets and targeted “blast” exercises work one group of prime movers, but rarely focus on the opposing muscle group.  Over time, if you make the prime moving group stronger and stronger you can actually create more problems in regards to pain in the body and the alignment of the skeleton.  A lot of people experience injuries due to muscle imbalance (a great example is back problems… we worry so much about our abs that we forget to work out backs!).  So, make sure you focus on total body strength… don’t just focus on your “trouble spots.”

Sadly, this does not exist.  I know that advertisers want you to believe it’s possible, but it’s not.  I can work my butt until the cows come home, but unless I balance it with total body strength, cardio, flexibility and a healthy diet, I’m mostly likely not going to make my butt smaller.  Stop obsessing over those trouble spots and start focusing on a total health plan.

What does your fitness plan need?


If you need help building a program you can do in home, contact me to let me help you build a program out of what you’ve got… or, visit my site at http://www.personalfitnessathome.com to see the videos I support for total body home workouts!

Don’t sell yourself short.  Give your body the love and care that it deserves!  There are no shortcuts, but you can surely learn to LOVE your body and take care of it well 🙂


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