An Event That Will Make You Train Like An Athlete

An Event That Will Make You Train Like An Athlete

Well, it’s time.  I’ve registered for the Metro Dash

A friend first posted it on Facebook, and it peaked my interest, but I do admit that it scared me a little.  Even though I’m obviously into fitness, I get a little intimidated by events such as these… but I decided to step outside of my comfort zone once again and give it a go.  It’s been a while since I’ve truly challenged myself to step outside my comfort zone (not since taking Aerials classes at The Actor’s Gymnasium a couple of years ago).  It was scary to register, at first, but now I’m glad I did.  I feel exhilarated and ready to attack this challenge.  I even registered for one of the Elite Wave time slots :-O

If you want to join me, register today and then let me know that you did!


Discount codes: *You must enter discount code during registration to receive discount*

Enter “metrodash10” for a $10 discount – valid through 7/26/11

Enter “metrodash5” for a $5 discount – valid 7/26/11 through 8/23/11

Now, this blog is called FITNESS AT HOME, so I also designed myself a training regime to prepare for this event using as much home videos and equipment as possible (obviously, I do not have a rock climbing wall at my house… though that would be pretty cool).  This is for the month of August, and come September I may revamp it a little if I’ve adapted enough to this schedule.  So, here we go (and keep in mind that some of the videos I’m using are single DVDs which are included in entire DVD sets… I just happen to own them all and like to create my own hybrid workouts using them).

MONDAY: P90X Core Synergistics workout
TUESDAY: Yoga in the AM and Turbo Kick in the PM (my teaching sch. that day)
WEDNESDAY: (Wed/Fri can switch up depending on weather): Rock Wall Climb (likely head to EAC), Monkey Bars practice in the park (seriously, I SUCK at the monkey bars), and body-weight resistance push exercises to balance all of that pull motion!
THURSDAY: Turbo Kick + core + 20 mins stretch
FRIDAY: Full Body Strength (prob. a Turbo Fire video, or strength training a-la Mel)
SATURDAY: Insanity Pure Cardio workout
SUNDAY: Rest my bod!

May the force be with me :-O

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