10 Great Reasons To Exercise And Eat Right

Motivation.  It’s pretty much the age-old reason why a lot of people don’t get on, or continue with, an exercise regime and healthy eating plan.  The main reason behind this, as I see it, is that people haven’t really taken the time to figure out what their strongest motivating factors are.  We spend a lot of time thinking about losing weight by Hollywood terms, but not for the reasons that are nearest and dearest to our hearts.  Those who DO succeed with their plans, however, have deeper reasons for wanting to stick with those plans.  The list I’ve compiled here is based on my friends’ reasons that they follow a fitness and nutrition plan.  Perhaps it’s time for you to get out a pen and paper and get inspired to write down your deeper reasons for taking care of yourself!  As you can see, you need to make this very individualized for yourself, because someone else’s reason may not be your own… but let yourself be inspired to find your deeper and more motivation reasons to make the changes that you want to make!



1.) “Family history of obesity, diabetes and heart problems. Doing all that I can to reduce the risk,” as quoted by Jack W.  This, to me, should be the TOP reason anyone gets on a plan.  Whether you have family history or not, the functions of the body should the KEY to your plan.  Many people do not gracefully age and then end up on medicines that only cover up symptoms of underlying serious problems with the body.  I don’t know about you, but I want to be an active senior citizen who is not on medications for things I could’ve prevented.  Take care of yourself NOW so that you can live happier later!

2.) “Hedonism… seriously. I like to feel good, and eating junk all the time will make you feel bad,” as quoted by Darrow B. and   I would have to agree.  Feeling good is KEY!  Many people go through life feeling depressed and lethargic without even realizing that they could start to reverse that by simply choosing better foods and exercising.  Laziness and poor eating have been proven to create depression in people… so why let food and laziness control your life?  YOU have the power to create an amazing life and a healthy mindset for yourself!

3.) “Live healthy for my children and improve my body,” as quoted by Laurinda S.  This one is great!  Think about your family… those who love you!  Don’t you want your time with them to be the most quality time that you can possibly give them?  Don’t you want to keep up with your kids outside?  Don’t you want to be a positive role model?  Do you want your kids to have to take care of you when you get older because you didn’t take care of yourself now (I hope the answer is “no” to that)?  This, to me, is another TOP reason that I, personally, keep myself on a plan!

4.) “My job! Teaching martial arts and competing require me to make weight,” as quoted by Russ L.  YOUR JOB!?  Who’d have thought.  You don’t even have to have a physically demanding job for this to apply (but if you do, then I seriously hope that you DO take care of yourself).  Exercise and proper nutrition has been shown to improve brainpower and help with energy.  No matter what your job is, you will help make yourself more proficient with an exercise and nutrition plan.  Plus, being in shape will give you the confidence to attack so many other scary obstacles in life… you may end up seriously surprising yourself!

5.) “Though I don’t rank them, the two I always come back to are, 1) To show my friends/family that it’s not “just genetics” that determines your physical structure/health; and 2) Because dangit, I’ve never worn a bikini,” as quoted by Melissa G.  Wearing a bikini is definitely a plus (because who doesn’t like to feel comfortable with their body!?), but it’s Melissa’s first listed item that really grabs me.  It’s true… genetics are not the only deciding factor to what happens with your help.  So, get out there and prove that you can be a healthy and fit individual, even if others tell you that it’s not genetically possible!!!  I’ve known people who never even tried because they felt there were “doomed” to inherit certain physical issues due to genetics.  You are not doomed!

6.) “To maintain the good health I’ve been blessed with and keep it going! To avoid illness and feeling lethargic in general by eating foods that don’t agree with me. To support my yoga practice,” as quoted by Cynthia N.  Cynthia’s is a great compliment to Darrow’s reason of hedonism.  So many outward reactions are created by how we treat our body internally.  You can avoid lethargy by simply avoiding foods that cause it!  I also like that she uses it to support her yoga practice.  Proper nutrition needs to be combined with your exercise regime in order to get the best results… so, to get the most out of your exercise program, add proper nutrition.

7.) “Being in shape for acting stuff (primarily stunt school), and knowing I look good doing it,” as quoted by Mark P.  This one is actually, pretty much, the reason I got into fitness in the first place.  Granted, I never attended stunt school (but how fun would that be!?), but I graduated from college with a degree in musical theatre.  I found that I couldn’t propel myself in that industry very well because I was uncomfortable in my own skin.  It’s amazing how feeling self conscious about your body can affect so many other areas in life.  When I lost weight I gained confidence that made me all that much stronger… both on stage and in all of my real life interactions.  You only get one body… take care of it!

8.) “So I can become as sexy as Thor!…lol Seriously, because I want to live longer, happier, and looking good is a definite plus,” as quoted by Arykh.  Hobbies… hobbies.  It’s not just your job, but you also will have more fulfilling hobbies when you take care of yourself.  I’m not sure if you’ve seen my cosplay photos, but I’ve partaken in super hero costuming groups, just like Arykh.  If you are going to dress like a super hero, then you’d best start to train like one!  Of course, this can apply to many hobbies that require you to look good and/or perform to the best of your ability with your body (i.e. many sports).  Perhaps you should take up a new hobby and train yourself specifically for it.  Give yourself a new focus!

9.) “I was fat,” as quoted by Mike H.  A simple statement, but a great reason.  I’m not against body fat in appearance (as I still have smooshy places), but more so what an over abundance of it can do to your overall health.  So, let’s elaborate on this… what are some reasons it’s good to lower your body fat percentage?  Heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, the strain it puts on your joints… just to name a few.  If you are overweight or obese, talk to your doctor about some of the serious side effects that can occur if you don’t start taking care of yourself.  Here’s a new tip, though… is your doctor fat?  Well, then, perhaps you need to find a new doctor who will take their own advice seriously.  Just sayin’…

10.) “Because it makes me a) feel good, and b) look good. Fo’ real. Nuff said :)” as quoted by Jenny P.  In a nutshell… YES.  These are words I may say, exactly… including the smiley face 🙂

What are YOUR reasons!  Start writing them down!



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