So, You've Done Shaun T's INSANITY. It's Time To Head To The Asylum!

I got notice today that the latest workout program from Shaun T (who I seem to be talking about a lot lately… he rocks, what can I say!?) is available.  Many of you have heard of and probably done INSANITY.  Well, he just released a follow-up program called THE ASYLUM.  This program is meant for people who are looking to become extreme athletes, or current athletes looking to improve their performance.  It looks INTENSE!  I’ll know by next week how I fair doing this, as mine is in the mail right now!  I can’t wait to try it! (video link)

If you’ve done INSANITY, or are currently doing it, then this is a great next step to take to further increase your fitness and performance.  Continually challenging ourselves to get better is important with fitness.  We need to keep introducing new exercise challenges so that we can continue to improve our bodies and avoid those dreaded plateaus.
Since this program is intense (as is the regular INSANITY program), I HIGHLY recommend talking to your doctor first if you have any medical risk factors.

This really looks like it could be a great program for taking outside in the summer time!  I don’t know about y’all, but I’ve got cabin fever!  I’ll do a review on this program once I get mine and have a chance to try it out for myself! 


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  • Just watching that vid makes me sweat!

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