My Weekend With Shaun T

My Weekend With Shaun T

This past weekend I had the honor of attending the EMPOWER Fusion fitness convention and going through a STRIDE training with Shaun T (famed for Insanity and Hip Hop Abs).  I had worked out with Shaun T in the past, both on video and in person, but I never really had the opportunity to spend a decent amount of time with him and get to know him.  After this weekend I can tell you this… Shaun T is amazing!  You can tell that he has a fire and passion for what it is that he does for a living.  His workouts are amazing, fun, challenging, and he is super motivating when it comes to helping you finish them.

Most people know of Insanity, Hip Hop Abs, and even Rockin’ Body… but
STRIDE is new.  What is STRIDE?  STRIDE is a workout that combines both
fun dance cardio with super challenging strength and endurance drills
using your own body weight.  I consider it a mating of Hip Hop Abs and
Insanity.  I had a blast!  I used to shy away from dance workouts in the
past, but he broke it down great and before I knew it I was getting the
steps and having a blast!  The drills are amazing, too, and I love how
they are thrown into the dance combos.

You likely won’t find
STRIDE at a club yet, but it’ll be coming.  I hope to bring it to the
Northside of Chicago, and hopefully you’ll see if popping up elsewhere
as well.  I encourage you to try it out for yourself!  To get an idea of
what it’s like, check out the videos below.  Shaun T really dances it
up in the first one, and in the second one you can see myself and the
class break down a full combo (layering is done building up to this
point, so you’ll get the moves down in no time!).

After this weekend I am so incredibly sore, but it was worth it!  Working out can be incredibly challenging AND fun at the same time.  So, find a workout program that fits you… who you are and what you like.  Shaun T’s workouts are just some of the workouts I love to do.  8 years ago I hated working out and never thought I’d enjoy it, so if that’s your mindset then I’m sure that you can find something out there that you will enjoy, but you can’t stop looking.  Be adventurous and try new things.  You may surprise yourself.  I know I sure did this weekend.

You can find out where Shaun T is going to be next here:
Be sure to also check out his Facebook and Twitter too!

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