Chocolate Week: 38 Degrees Frozen Yogurt

Welcome to Chocolate Week, Day Two.  This week my goal is to introduce you to some better ways to take care of that sweet tooth!

Today I’m focusing on a local Chicago area business, 38 Degrees Frozen Yogurt.  Located right off of the Davis Purple Line stop in Evanston, this is actually one of many ice cream/yogurt shops in downtown Evanston, but it’s now my new favorite! 


The reason I love 38 Degrees is because it’s all natural.  You won’t find any artificial sweetners in their yogurt, and all of their yogurts are under 100 calories per 4 ounce serving.  They always have one featured yogurt that is sweetened with Stevia too! 

I was there last weekend and enjoyed their dark chocolate frozen yogurt with strawberries, and that treat was under 120 calories!!!  It tastes delightful, too!  So, if you want to curb that chocolate craving, this is a great place to go!  Just make sure to top with healthy choices too, because you can easily ruin a good frozen yogurt by drowning it in candy or sugary cereal… go for the fruit!  The strawberries mixed with the chocolate marvelously 🙂

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