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Detoxing... For Real or Fad? Get rid of the CRAP!

I’m back!  I was away on the Beachbody Success Cruise, which explains my MIA status… but I’m back and ready to blog! Detoxing is all the craze right now, but does it work?  Is it for real?  Do you know how your body works internally so that you can keep it functioning properly?  Most people... Read more »

Setting SMART Goals for Fitness

When you are setting goals for your fitness and nutrition, are you setting SMART goals?  What IS a SMART Goal!?  Check out this video to find out, and get ideas for how you can set goals that will help equal your success!

Fitness At Home Guest Speaks on WGN Radio

In case you missed it last Saturday, you can catch the recording of me on WGN Radio with Bill Moller here: I hope you enjoy!  I’m always available for your questions, so hit me up any time! This time I covered some general stuff regarding why you should get started on a fitness regime. ... Read more »