New Year's Resolutions... What's Yours? Get Specific!

It’s about this time of year that people start thinking RESOLUTIONS, because we are elbow


deep in Holiday treats and, for many, a little extra padding.  I admit that I fall into the trap as well as I just can’t pass up a tasty home made Christmas cookie (or wine, let’s face it).  So, I’ve already started planning my route of attack for January (not that I’m not working out now, I am), as I have big things to plan for in 2011 (including a cruise!). 

Now, in order to truly be successful with our resolutions we need to get into the habit of being SPECIFIC with our resolutions.  Simply saying, “I want to lose weight” is not really strong enough to keep people moving past the first few weeks of January.  So, I’m here to help you create strong enough resolutions that you can set your intention and follow through for result city! What steps should you take in creating a resolution?  Your resolutions, in order to be complete and successful, should be made with the following steps in mind:

1.) End result. 
What is the ultimate outcome you are looking for?  If weight loss, don’t just say “I want to lose weight.”  Give yourself a number to go by (either “x” number of pounds, or “x” percentage of body fat, or “x” number of clothing sizes) and then give yourself a DEADLINE (I want to achieve this goal by “insert date here.”).  If you just set flimsy goals without deadlines then those goals are always going to get put on the back burner for things that “feel good now.”

2.) Sacrifice.
Every end result requires giving some stuff up.  So, be sure to write down what you are willing to sacrifice in order to achieve the goals that you’ve set.  Now, giving up doesn’t necessarily have to mean completely, but it could definitely mean downsizing.  For example, if you currently drink 3 beers per day, you may want to cut that down to a one day per week activity.  You don’t have to give up things you love completely, but do yourself a favor and educate yourself on what those things are doing to your body and make smart choices towards achieving your goals.  So, do you need to downsize your portions?  Stop hitting the drive thru window?  Stop drinking pop/sode with every meal?  Drink more water?

3.) Action.
This, of course, is the most important step of all… because what good is setting goals and deciding on changes if you don’t actually follow through with any of it?  What actions can you take EVERY DAY that will help you achieve your goals.  Write those down.  Stick to them and make them a priority on your list of daily activities!  Download a To Do List application for your smart phone and put those actions on there to be checked off each day.  On average, it takes about a month to create a habit through constant repetition of action… most people give up on their resolutions before they can become habit.  Don’t let yourself fall into that trap!

So, I’ve given you some steps to take, now let me give you an example using one of my own, personal, resolutions for 2011!

1.) I will be at 18% body fat (which usually puts me between 140-145 pounds) by March 10th, 2011… and I my jeans will fit very comfortably again and look amazing!
Notice how I set a specific goal with a deadline and, also important, I kept it POSITIVE!  Don’t beat yourself down with negative connoted goals or you are setting yourself up for disaster!

2.) To achieve this goal I am willing to cut out sweets and alcohol 6 days per week, and when I do indulge I will indulge wisely.  I am also willing to get up to do my workouts at 8am each day so that I can make sure they will fit into my schedule.  I am also willing to spend more time in preparing my food so that I can make sure I eat well balanced meals and snacks.
Again, I’m not being negative here at all.  I’m just stating what I am willing to do to achieve my goals (try to steer clear of putting what you are “not” willing to do… always remember to stay positive when setting goals and actions).

3.)  The actions I will take will include following the Brazil Butt Lift program daily for at least a month.  By month two I will either do another 30 days of Brazil Butt Lift OR I will then switch to Turbo Fire.  I will stick by the terms set in #2 as well and focus on eating well portioned and healthy meals and snacks, as well as drinking plenty of water and getting plenty of sleep.
So, I now have my fitness program (daily action) as well as my nutritional daily tasks.
I have a game plan… it’s more specific than just saying “I want to lose weight.”  Now the vision is clear… I know what I need to do.


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