A Magic Pill For A Healthy You?

What if a pill existed that could help you…


1.) Live longer
2.) Boost Your Immunity
3.) Burn Fat
4.) Increase Your Self Esteem
5.) Protect Against Arthritis
6.) Improve Your Sex Life
7.) Protect Against Parkinson’s
8.) Lower Your Risk Of Stroke
9.) Reduce Your Risk Of Cancer
10.) Strengthen Your Bones
11.) Strengthen Your Heart
12.) Combat Dyslexia
13.) Reverse The Signs Of Aging
14.) Sharpen Your Brain
15.) Help You Sleep Better
16.) Give Your More Energy
17.) Beat Depression

You’d buy that pill, wouldn’t you?

Well, a pill like that doesn’t exist, but there IS something that can help you with all of that.  It’s quite simple, in fact… it’s called EXERCISE!  Yep, that’s right… by simply adding exercise to our routines we can gain all of those benefits!  If it helps us so much, then why do so many people neglect doing it?

Do yourself a favor and do the one thing NOW that will help you prevent having to take pills that will cause more side effects than they are preventing.  The only side effect from exercise, when practiced properly, is temporary muscle soreness.  But beware, because you may also start to really like how you look in the mirror, you might start to feel better, and you may find that you love yourself more.  Are those (well, the 17 listed above) side effects you are willing to live with?  I know I sure am.

This was inspired my Maxim UK’s “17 Reasons To Get Fit

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