A New Butt For Christmas?

Remember those ads for Bally’s where it shows people opening up gift boxes and boasting that they are getting “fat thighs” or “a big butt”… or other things along those lines?  Well, what if you could get yourself a NEW BUTT for Christmas!?  Well, that’s what I ended up getting myself for Christmas last year.  No, for real… I’m serious!  I bought myself Brazil Butt Lift for Christmas last year because I was eager to try the newest program from Beachbody (at that time).  I did it for all of January and my butt looked fabulous at the end of the month!

I was reminded of this program again at Fit Club two weeks ago, because we did the High & Tight workout from the video series.  I was sad to see how much strength my butt had lost (yes, the buttocks is a series of muscles), and I’m determined to get my firmer, smoother bum-bum (as Leandro Carvalho, creator of Brazil Butt Lift, calls it) back!

If you haven’t seen this program, check out this preview!

See more info about what’s included in the program at my website if you’d like!

I’ve got a cruise to get on next Spring, so I need to get my bum-bum back into tip-top shape!  Is that anyone else’s goal?  I’m going to add High & Tight back into my routine, and get back into a full swing of this program after finishing up my current round of my P90X/Turbo Fire hybrid home workout series.

What are YOU currently doing to get in shape at home???

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