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A New Butt For Christmas?

Remember those ads for Bally’s where it shows people opening up gift boxes and boasting that they are getting “fat thighs” or “a big butt”… or other things along those lines?  Well, what if you could get yourself a NEW BUTT for Christmas!?  Well, that’s what I ended up getting myself for Christmas last year. ... Read more »

Black Friday Fitness Deals

Tomorrow is Black Friday… which means that almost everywhere you shop is going to have some mega sales.  A lot of people focus on electronics, but I want to show you about some FITNESS deals that will be happening tomorrow! Throughout the day today, I’ll be posting my finds on my Twitter account at,... Read more »

A Healthier Replacement For Doritos?

Confessions of a former Dorito-holic. It’s true.  They used to be my favorite chip ever.  I could down a whole bag in one setting if you let me (of course, followed up by a wicked stomach ache).  When I decided to start eating healthier, however, I had to give up one of my favorite junk... Read more »

Get Your Kids To Enjoy Fitness With MIGHTY ME

I was directed to this website by none other than Tony Horton (creator of P90X).  Have you heard of MIGHTY ME?  I think it’s a BRILLIANT idea!  If you’ve been reading my blog, you’ve seen past posts about fitness/nutrition and children.  I think it’s extremely important to start teaching our kids about the importance of... Read more »

Sweet Potato Hash

Today I did my first ever experiment in making sweet potato hash at home.  Now, I’m going to tell you right now that when I make things at home, I rarely ever follow a recipe.  I’m more of a “pinch of this, dash of that” sort of cook.  One of things I like to do... Read more »

Gift Of Fitness = Toys For Kids?

Last year I did a charity event called Turbo For Tots.  I offered a free Turbo Kick class to anyone who brought a toy donation for Toys for Tots.  This year, due to my crazy schedule, I’ve been unable to organize this event again.  However, I still want to give back. Opening presents on Christmas... Read more »