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Let’s face it, a big reason that LOTS of people want to exercise is so that they will look good.  Of course, the main reason we should all be doing it is for taking care of ourselves from the inside out, but it also feels good to look good.  There are many ways to get fit out there all while feeling sexy while you do it!  What are some things you can do to feel sexy while getting a workout?

Pole Dancing.
Yep, it IS a fitness craze now.  As the description from the Flirty Girl Fitness sight says:
“This is a
serious workout! While pole dancers may seem to float effortlessly
around the pole like a butterfly they’re really lifting their own body
weight! There isn’t a muscle in your whole body that won’t be engaged
in this class.”  You can find pole dancing classes as well as pole dancing videos at Flirty Girl Fitness
Want do have a pole dancing party at home?  If you are looking for fun for you and some gals, why not book a home pole dancing party!  Contact my girl, Kelly, for more info about these…

Strip Tease.
Of course, this was made popular by Carmen Electra (check out her full DVD series… *note* I have not actually tried these, myself), but it’s really taken off!  I’m not really into this type of fitness, myself, but I say that if it makes you feel good and you are burning calories… then go for it!  You may learn a little foreplay while you are at it 😉

Belly Dancing.
I LOVE Belly Dancing.  In fact, I did a whole post just on Belly Dancing for fitness:
Belly Dancing is a fabulous low impact fitness option that makes you just feel fabulous!  It’s a GREAT standing core workout, too!  So, grab a coin belt and start shimmying!

Aerial Arts.
Granted, aerials arts are not usually marketing as being sexy, but I can tell you that I felt fabulous while I was doing this.  It’s hard, and sometimes a bit scary, but it’s a GREAT upper body and core workout.  You can take these classes at the Actor’s Gymnasium in Evanston, IL.  They ever offer a Circus Fitness class!

Yoga Booty Ballet.
These videos/classes combine yoga, dance, and pilates moves for a full body blast that will leave you feeling worked out, beautiful and balanced.  There is a whole series of home videos as well as a studio in Chicago where you can take these classes live!


To make life easier, here is a list of links to check out!

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Arabesque Chicago
World Dance & Fitness Chicago
S Factor Chicago
Tease Dance and Fitness (Naperville)
Indigo Studio (Yoga Booty Ballet)
Yoga Booty Ballet Home Videos
Actor’s Gymnasium
Vavoom Pin-Ups (for pin-up girl photography)

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