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Simple Tips For Stress Relief

Are you stressed?  Does it affect many areas of your life? Check out this video from Team Beachbody with some tips for beating stress so that you can be more happy and more healthy.  

Groupon and Swoop For Fitness Deals!

I’m a member of both and, and I tell ya… if you aren’t signed up for those yet, you should be!  You can get some really SWEET deals from them!  Today’s deal on Groupon is for Flirty Girl Fitness. $50 for three classes, a “flirtini,” three valet parking passes, and a manicure… that’s... Read more »

Fitness At Home: Breakfast Sandwich Recipe

Recipe Time! Make it at home BREAKFAST SANDWICH So, this is a creation I came up with because of my obsession with breakfast sandwiches. I found myself frequenting Starbucks and getting theirs. Now, the sandwiches are Starbucks aren’t really all that bad (so, if you are on the go, I totally recommend stopping there)… BUT... Read more »

Kale Chips Make A Healthy and Delicious Snack

About a month ago I saw an ad in one of my magazine subscriptions for kale chips.  I was intrigued by these, but not enough to go to the website and order them (kale and I don’t always get along well).  When shopping at Whole Foods last week I saw that they carried kale chips... Read more »

How To Beat The Bloat

Lots of people complain about being bloated all the time.  In fact, there are products on store shelves out there specifically designed to help us get rid of stomach bloating, and we are keeping them all in business because we continue to eat foods that are driving our digestive tracks crazy! The funny thing is,... Read more »

Fitness At Home: Go Get Those Pigs!

It’s been over a week since I’ve blogged.  As you could tell from my previous blog I’ve had some things happen in life that placed speed bumps for me.  We all have experienced this at one point or another… some of you may be experiencing this right now. You may look back through my blog... Read more »