Win Cash And Prizes Just For Working Out!

I just learned about this today, and I wish I’d told you about it 9 days ago so that you could’ve taken full advantage… but late is better than never!

Team Beachbody is giving away $600 cash each day for logging workouts at their WOWY (Work Out With You) gym.  You can join Team Beachbody with a FREE membership, or you can sign up for their Club to be automatically entered (free members need to fill out a “alternate entry sweepstakes form” each day to enter… but, hey, that’s one minute of your time to possibly win $600, so I say that’s not too shabby).  Oh yeah, that they also give away things like iPods, cameras, and more!

So, if you’ve been looking for that extra motivation to work out, will this do it?



The $600 promotion is for July.  The rest of the year they have a daily $300 prize, and then one day each week is a $1000 day!

The fun part about WOWY, too, is that you can schedule your workouts (put them on a calendar; make them part of your daily PLAN) ahead of time and choose workout buddies.  So, for example, say I want to workout on Thursday at 5pm.  I can see who else has scheduled their workout for that date and time and I can choose them to be my accountability buddy.  I can also invite people to workout with me at that time.  I will tell you that using this tool helped me succeed in my working
out from home plan.  I even made great friends using it!  Creating that accountability works… and then you can still log in and workout from the comfort of your own home.

I’ve been using WOWY for years, myself, and I’ve actually won the daily prize twice (I won $300 once, and last December I won $1000!!!).  So, I can vouch that it’s FOR REAL and that there’s no catch.  So, join the fun and get those workouts in!

Check it out… WOWY!
  If you join by clicking that link you’ll automatically become my buddy… so, send me a workout invite!  I’ll do my best to make it!

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