Fitness Motivation: Envisioning Your Future

The following comes from  I subscribe to their newsletter for a daily dose of inspiration.  Even though the following was the Gemini horoscope for today, I feel that it applies to everyone out there.
It’s all too true.  If you know where you want to go, what you want your life to be, what your overall goals are… then you’ll be more likely to be able to plan the actions to get yourself there.
If your goals are fitness and nutrition oriented, well, then, those choices are some of the EASIEST ones you can make!
If you want to lose weight what can you do today for that to happen for you?  You can choose the proper foods, eat the proper portion sizes, get in your scheduled exercise… there are so many actions you can do on a daily basis that will be the stepping stones towards achieving your goals.
What are your goals?  What actions will get you there?  Let’s do them!

July 4,

Envisioning Your Future


It could be easier for you to see what the future might hold for you
today. Since you are observing what is happening now, you may feel like
you can understand what might come to pass later. Having a farsighted
view of your life can be a way for you to lay the groundwork today for
your dreams of tomorrow, and you might try to consider what impact your
actions could have on the future. One way to do this can be to think
about how complex your life is at present. You may notice that you have
more than you need or that you tend to schedule more than you can do. If
you can think about making your life simpler by using less and doing
less, you may find that your vision of the future becomes much clearer.

While we can’t see into the future, we can design our lives in a way so
that our actions can positively affect the world. Although the future
holds a lot of uncertainty for us and may even cause us to fear what we
don’t know, if we can envision our lives as being filled with the things
we desire that are deeper–good health, fulfilling relationships, a
greater connection with spirit–we can put our intention out into the
universe and will be more likely to manifest our dreams. By taking steps
to align your present life with your future hopes today, you will
transform your vision into something extraordinary.

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