Fitness Tip: 10 Reasons Why Women Should Do Strength Training

Are you one of those ladies who avoids the weights because you are afraid you will get “bulky”?  At the same time, are you finding that your body is not shaping up the way you would like it to?  You can do cardio until the cows come home and still never get that firm body… and that’s because you are burning calories, but until you really build lean muscle mass, you may not be burning as much fat as you’d like.  It’s the muscle in the body that gives it it’s shape and tone.  For a truly well-rounded fitness program it’s important for you to include strength training, cardio, and flexibility training.


There are many ways to strength train without going to the gym, because I can understand how many women may not want to hang out in the strength training area of the gym with all of the big buff boys.  You can strength train at home using dumbbells, resistance bands, or even your own body weight.  Find a home video program that you enjoy, and then follow that program as designed.  If possible, have a mirror in the room, because that will really help you perfect your form (good form is essential in order to prevent injury).  Be sure to continually challenge yourself by increasing your resistance as well.

Get that tight, firm body you’ve always wanted (not to mention all of the internal benefits of having more muscle and bone mass)!


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