The Benefits Of Stretching

Are you one of those people who always skips stretching… or maybe you don’t stretch enough?  If you want to age gracefully and lower your risk of injury, stretching is essential!  Hear it here from the 50 year old creator of P90X… he’s in the shape he’s in today because he’s kept his body young through stretching.

Check out this great video short about the benefits of stretching.

I know that, for myself, stretching has been essential.  When I started working out back in 2004 I couldn’t touch my toes… I wasn’t even close!  I also suffered from scoliosis and had regular back pain.  I discovered Yoga when I did the P90X program and fell in love (after a period of hate, of course).  I now teach Yoga and try to help others find the benefits that I, personally, have found!  I no longer suffer from back pain, and my scoliosis curve has actually straightened out a bit.  So, next time you think of skipping your cool down and stretch… DON’T!  Learn to LOVE your stretch and your body will love you in return.


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